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Zeke's Choice: Caine & Graco Saga
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Zeke's Choice: Caine & Graco Sagaby E.M. Shue Publish: Mar 17, 2020Series: Caine & Graco SagaRomantic Suspense
Rhonda Hicks Rhonda Hicks 2 months ago
Metro detective and she's an FBI profiler. Ezekiel Caine and Jamie O'Malley have worked together on previous cases. The attraction was there from the beginning, but nothing came of it until Vegas and then we're given a beautiful, intense love story mixed with a slew of family drama, intrigue, protective alpha’s, and a serial killer or two. This story is beautifully written and E.M. Shue does an incredible job sharing the selflessness and love that is shared between Zeke and Jamie. The bedroom scenes, filled with so much chemistry were so hot, with a little D/s mixed in. I will be sitting on pins and needles waiting for book three to be released.

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