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Robin Martin Thomas has been a writer and a teacher for many years. Originally from Canada, she has lived and worked in several countries, but now lives just outside Brisbane, Australia. Writing has always been her passion, and in recent years she has written several novels and short stories for adults and young adults.
When she is not plotting stories, she loves reading everything from cereal boxes to long books that she can get lost in. She finds her inspiration in beach walks along the beautiful Queensland coast; an eclectic music collection that includes Mark Knopfler, ABBA and Mozart; and good coffee, without which she wouldn’t be able to function. She and her family are also Star Trek fans, as is evident from The Alien Chronicles YA series. The first book, My Alien, was written under her maiden name, Robin Martin, and came out in 2016. The second book of the series is The Alien Within., released in 2017.
She has also written adult books, High Stakes and Bonjour Cherie, under the name Robin Thomas and published by Escape Publishing

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