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    LGBT Humor

While working as a Manager for over 25 years in the most exclusive hair salons on the world Upper East Side of New York, I have composed my most unique stories of the unusual, hysterical and jaw dropping situations for your reading enjoyment.
Let me introduce you to the rich and the sedated, the face lifted and the fashionable, and the quirky and questionable.
Not only will you read about the most ridiculous Salon client requests and demands, but also touched upon are my everyday encounters related to the Upper East Side, including Doctor’s appointments, subway rides, gourmet food store customers and hospital visits.
Chapter by chapter you will be drawn into my fabulous world of celebrity sightings, eccentric client interactions and over the top retail vendors.
Drugs, masturbation and nudity are just some of the crazy situations which are all about to be revealed.
Cozy up in your most comfy spot, mix yourself a cocktail and pop a mood stabilizer and get ready to enjoy the never been told stories of SALONYMOUS.

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