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Sharyn Bradford Lunn
Sharyn Bradford Lunn
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Sharyn Bradford Lunn was born in Sydney, Australia, but most of her schooling occurred in a small country town before she returned to "the big smoke" so she enjoys both city life and the rural hideaway. Before embarking on a career in nursing she worked briefly in a telephone exchange then a kindergarten.

After reading Alex Haley's Roots, she developed a passion for genealogy and history that deepened with the ensuing years. This went hand in hand with another newly discovered interest: writing. And so a series was born.

When not writing or researching, Sharyn can be found enjoying time at home on the New South Wales Central Coast with family and friends, swimming, hiking, walking her dogs, reading, painting, tracing someone's family tree, or enjoying a rock concert. She digs a good rollercoaster ride as much as a trail bike ride. To round out her adventurer's spirit, she embraces a joy of travel and learning about other cultures. She is continually learning and always aspiring to something new.

Look for more books from Sharyn in the coming months and years, as she develops her Southern Skyes series as well as tinkers in other writing endeavors.

If you enjoy the Southern Skyes series please spread the word and consider leaving a book review . . . they are always very much appreciated. continually learning and always aspiring to something new.

Books in the Australian historical fiction series, “Southern Skyes” include:

Book 1 - The Soldier's Seed
Book 2 - The Divergence
Book 3 - Jagged Waters
Book 4 - Embers of the Soul
Book 5 - Southern Cross Rising
Book 6 - TBA

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The Soldier's Seed (Southern Skyes Book 1)

Publish Date: Oct 19, 2012

Genre: Historical Romance, Historical Fiction

avg rating 455 reviews on Amazon

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