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Let's cut to the chase. You read stuff. I write stuff. So, If you want to nab a few of my free Amazon Best Selling Urban Fantasy books to test the waters, go here: http://www.shaynesilvers.com

Now, let's talk about this specimen of a man named Shayne...

Shayne Silvers writes the "Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series" which features a foul-mouthed young wizard who rides a bloodthirsty unicorn, drinks with Achilles, and is pals with the Four Horsemen.

Shayne also writes the "Feathers and Fire" series, which features a young female wizard who hunts monsters for the Vatican, but you won't find her in church on Sundays. They say she's been kissed by Heaven - whatever the Hell that means...

You should really start reading about them. Over half a million people are already talking...

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