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BIOGRAPHY Sue Harmeling grew up, and currently lives, across the river from Cincinnati, OH, with her husband, Steven. Even when she was little she had a pencil in her hand, writing down potential story ideas. Her ideas for her series The Guardians all began when she was sixteen years old. Whether it be reading or writing she was always thinking about new ideas, or about how other authors created the books they wrote.

Becoming an author was her biggest dream, something she always aspired of being. She is a multigenre author, but primarily focuses on Fantasy, Paranormal, and YA. Her favorite authors, who have influenced her to write, are: J.K. Rowling, Simone Elkeles, Kayla Howarth, L.J. Smith, James Dashner, and Suzanne Collins. Her biggest inspiration for her books are her grandmothers who have always pushed her to follow her dreams, along with her family and friends who have been the biggest constant in her life and biggest supporters.