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Sveinn Benónýsson Sveinn Benónýsson
  • Writing: Literary Fiction, Fantasy
  • Country: Denmark
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After reading the Icelandic Sagas in his childhood, and having a great interest in the world history, the author creates his own world, "Esthopia." A continent of six kingdoms, where you will be taken on a journey along with men and Elves, as they fight a brave battle against the evil of this world and the Underworld. Come with us and join Sir Klaus, Princess Egny and the Elves as they fight side by side. Discover a wonderful landscape, as you go through Bending Pass, and over the Great Mountains. Sail with us across Lake Etu, and travel all the way to Cape City.

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  • Sveinn Benónýsson

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Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

Invasion of the Ortaks : Book 6 Vikings

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  • On 14, 06 2017

    Sveinn Benónýsson interview

    When Sveinn Benónýsson isn't at the gym, playing his guitar, or taking a walk, he's creating dramatic stories set in different and spectacular worlds. The story of the Invasion of the Ortaks series had set on his mind for more than 25 years before he finally sat down to write it. Though he didn't plan to make it a series, he now believes that it will take 12 books... read full interview