The best revenge of all: being happy; nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone living a good life.

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About Timothious Smith
He was born in North Kansas City, Missouri on 28th day of a cold October morning in 1961 at 10:35 a.m. to a TWA agent and his housewife.
He spent the first 18 months of life growing up in North Kansas City, Missouri in a small house next to the railroad tracks. He has fond memories of the trains that went by the house that rocked him to sleep as they traveled by as well as the yellow curtains that hung over the window by his crib.
At this time his family moved to a small college town north of Kansas City, Missouri called Parkville. That same year his brother was born and changed his life forever as he became the big brother. Two years later on Christmas morning another brother would be born. In growing up Timothious and his brothers were often read to by their mother. Their mother tried to read the normal children's books of the time but they craved for more. Often they were happy when being read to from whatever their mother was reading at the time. This meant that bedtime stories where normally something from Edgar Allen Poe or the like.
When he turned four his parents had enrolled him into pre-school where he met two important childhood friends who would influence his life until Junior high school. During these years he would spend the majority of his time trying to fit in with the crowd. Being shy and reserved he would be overshadowed by his younger brother in the social clique of school as his younger brother was out-going and loud.
Though he was only an average athlete in most sports he found that he had a knack in middle distance running. In the 9th grade after running a heat for the 100 yard dash and finishing 4th knowing that he would not run varsity that year he elected to run the 800 yard dash. Falling in love with longer distances, his first run longer than a mile was the Pepsi 10,000 meter in 1977 in which was also Jim Ryun's first race since his injury in the Olympics.
Timothious continued to run for many years after that including several marathons which his fastest was 2 hour 27 minutes and 13 seconds. It was after that marathon that he injured his knee in a wrestling accident. He wasn't to compete in any races after that though he continued to run.
He grew up having a normal life in a small Midwestern College town called Parkville. If you can call having a steady diet of Edgar Allen Poe, Robert A. Heinlein, Walt Disney, J.R.R. Tolkien, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Isaac Asimov and all the X-Minus One and Green Hornet radio shows he could find normal.
Besides writing sci-fi he also writes mysteries, suspense, poems and screenplays.

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