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Tom Cunningham
Tom Cunningham
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I was born and raised in NYC, spent 13 years living in Florida and have lived in Knoxville, TN for the last 15 years. I have been published multiple times in call center trade magazines and I am a contributing author to While raising my three boys, I have read numerous YA novels, watched countless movies targeted to this genre, and spent a vast amount of time over the years bonding and witnessing the impact that majestic worlds and unique characters have on their creativity and curiosity. My hope for my first YA novel, Red Moon White Moon, is that it will foster imaginations through the story.

  • T.M. Cunningham

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Red Moon, White Moon

Publish Date: Jul 12, 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

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Red Moon, White Moon

Red Moon, White Moon


Publication Date: Jul 12, 2018

Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

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