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Toye Lawson Brown lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an Amazon bestselling author of romance that includes interracial romance, romantic suspense, and multicultural novels. And recently nominated by the B.R.A.B Book Club for Breakout Author of the Year 2014. Each novel is a journey into the lives of strong characters with normal backgrounds. Always a sucker for a happy ending, Toye Lawson Brown strives to lure readers from the present and into her fictional world.

Toye would love to hear from readers. Feel free to drop an email at: or visit her website Follow her on Twitter @quietbreezes.

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  • On 29, 06 2017

    Toye Lawson Brown interview

    Ohio resident and self-proclaimed chef Toye Lawson Brown is a lover of happy endings, pringles, and Dirty Dancing. The first book she ever wrote is about a woman moving to the big city and getting a job, which she hopes to edit and publish soon. Her first published work is "Obesessive/Obsession". Toye prefers to get reviews from readers she has no connection with,... read full interview