Testimonials Comments From Our Featured Authors
  • Frank W. Butterfield

    I really like the sense of community at AllAuthor and how the team really goes out of their way to support both authors and readers.

    Frank W. Butterfield
  • Colleen Helme

    I've enjoyed my experience with this amazing community. All the great tools available to authors makes it totally worth it. Thanks so much!

    Colleen Helme
  • Q.M. Preston

    I found AllAuthor and was very pleased with how the site is constructed and the services offered. I especially like how it brings readers and authors together. The site has been very useful. I think it has been a key factor in bringing me the success I’ve had.

    Q.M. Preston
  • Georgianne Landy-Kordis

    I joined AllAuthor in July, 2019. I believe I found out about it while searching for ways to promote my books. It looks like ALLAUTHOR gets a lot of traffic from readers. I love the features they offer, such as the weekly mock ups and the book/gif video banners. I really appreciate the tweets they send out periodically and it seems to be a good cost for what they offer.

    Georgianne Landy-Kordis
  • Iris Waichler

    AllAuthor has been a great help to me in terms of marketing my books in new and creative ways. It has helped me reach a larger audience. It has helped me sell my books. I have social media sites and have used AllAuthor memes on all my sites with good results.

    Iris Waichler
  • Nicola Jane

    Amazing, I love the different tools that I can access to make promotional materials and I love that I can feature my books.

    Nicola Jane
  • Dr. Tyra Manning

    I appreciate the website and the opportunity to share my books there. It’s a great opportunity for any author to make their book accessible to readers.

    Dr. Tyra Manning
  • J.Grayland

    I joined All Author last year but only as a book feature but there was so much available on the site and so much help I had to do a Pro-membership. It has been great and so helpful I have recommended it to a lot of authors. As a new author there are a lot of book web sites that offer to help get authors publicity and they cost a fortune and you receive nothing in return, All Author is affordable (Even with the exchange rate for me in Australia lol) and helps authors with the things they most struggle with such as social media, book mock-ups, banners, GIFs, Q&A, and getting the authors out there.

  • Lizzie Chantree

    It just gave me the nudge to try a full membership and I haven’t looked back since. I really like the interaction and the book banners and networking. There’s nothing at all that I dislike about it. I think it’s a great site that offers useful tools for authors. I’d definitely recommend it, in fact, I have! Many times.

    Lizzie Chantree
  • Zoe Tasia

    I’ve been wowed by AllAuthors support and impressed by the professionalism. Being a part of AllAuthor has been an unexpectedly positive experience. I just wish I’d known about it sooner.

    Zoe Tasia
  • Margaret Bennett

    AllAuthor has given a terrific new platform to promote my e-books. It helps me to keep up with what other authors are writing, new books coming out and notifies me of great book deals. A win/win all the way around.

    Margaret Bennett
  • Rob Horner

    It's a wonderful site with numerous benefits you can't get anywhere else, or can't get all in one place. I am a partcular fan of the tweet scheduler and the gif maker, and the recent addition of the /magic option is wickedly cool. You guys are doing a wonderful service for authors.

    Rob Horner
  • Rita Ownby Holcomb

    Sales and exposure have increased with the help and support of AllAuthor. I love and utilize the graphic mock-ups and the gif and teaser creators every day. AllAuthor has saved me valuable time and helps me stand out on all social media outlets. I recommend this platform for all authors, new and established.

    Rita Ownby Holcomb
  • Timony Byron McKeever

    It’s so refreshing with so many cons out there that All Author delivers what they promise and more. I recommend its services to everyone. I will be an eternal customer. Professional, high quality product. You guys make me look good.

    Timony Byron McKeever
  • Allen Stanfill

    Working with AllAuthor has been great, my books have gotten in front of many eager readers.

    Allen Stanfill
  • Elle Mott

    The site is user-friendly when it comes to marketing tools. There are real people behind the scenes of this place. Some marketing places are out to make money and nothing but. By connecting to people as All Author does, well, that is a step above and beyond which keeps me on-board. Thanks!

    Elle Mott
  • S. E. Turner

    I found All Author to be particularly beneficial to me, I like all the features available and have made use of them. I think the author question and answer medium is a valuable tool to connect the readers with the creators of their favourite works.

    S. E. Turner
  • Virginia Wright

    I like the reasonable marketing methods that AllAuthor uses. I also like the mock-up posters that we can use for advertising.

    Virginia Wright
  • Mara Gan

    AllAuthor has been fantastic, and I'm not even using it to the full extent that I really should be! The tweets and the web traffic are helpful, and making me think about my books from a publicity standpoint is a necessary and useful metacognitive exercise.

    Mara Gan
  • Danni Roan

    I really love how supportive AllAuthor is with authors. The platform allows so many ways of sharing my books with the world. The social media feed is simply beautiful and having all of this in one place makes it so easy to keep track of so many different threads in social media. It is very difficult to keep up with all of the different aspects of a writer’s life and AllAuthor simplifies much of this in so many ways.

    Danni Roan
  • Donald Marino

    I joined earlier this year I believe. This site is a great way to promote your book on a budget. I love the banners.

    Donald Marino
  • Avril Borthiry

    I like the way you do things, the way you present and represent, and the overall ‘feel’ of your website and your organization. You have given me more exposure as an author, and I appreciate that.

    Avril Borthiry
  • Louise T.W. Lucas

    AllAuthor, has far surpassed any expectations I might initially have had, and I'm delighted to be part of its community of book lovers.In all honesty, and I'm really not just saying this, it is one of the most useful sites available on which to promote a book and gain some visibility amongst the millions of writers out there.

    Louise T.W. Lucas
  • Stacy M Wray

    Love the tweets they send out and love the marketing photos they send me. The website is very user friendly and that’s important to me.

    Stacy M Wray
  • Christopher C Tubbs

    Enormously. The tools are great, especially the tweet schedular. The featured books function allows you to focus on the books that you want pushed at any time and the mockup banners are wonderful and fool a lot of my friends. I had people ask where the bus stop was where they could see my book cover after I posted that one on Facebook.

    Christopher C Tubbs
  • Ben Jackson

    I really like the tweet scheduler. Managing social media takes up so much of my time and now this is one thing which I don’t need to worry about. I would love to list the AllAuthor site on my website as an affiliate and share this great site with other authors.

    Ben Jackson
  • Jacqueline Mead

    I love the way you tweet about all of my books and the weekly mockup banner, which is even better now I can select the banners I believe are applicable to my books. I like the way I can track how many people have seen my books and how many have followed the links and I like the way that allauthor are constantly updating the review ratings for all of my books. I find All author a very valuable promotional resource.

    Jacqueline Mead
  • Peg Brantley

    I feel like AllAuthor has become the partner I’ve been looking for since my first book was published. Your creativity makes it easy for me to put together promotions on a regular basis. You help me be less haphazard and much more professional. You have found a way to personalize me and my work and I’m grateful. Five Stars.

    Peg Brantley
  • Karen Keilt

    My experience with AllAuthor has been fantastic. I have been continually surprised by its reach and opportunities with incredible values that are far below many similar programs. I highly recommend AllAuthor to other Indie and traditional authors seeking a way to get v

    Karen Keilt
  • Christine U. Cowin

    I can definitely see I’m getting value for my dollar from AllAuthor. You are true to your word, in your promotions and what you offer, you genuinely give.

    Christine U. Cowin
  • Lorilyn Roberts

    I would rate AllAuthor as one of the best marketing resources on the web. I’ve been impressed with the many creative ways they help authors, and I highly recommend authors use their premium services.

    Lorilyn Roberts
  • Diana Sobolewski

    AllAuthor services have given a big boost to my brand marketing and the promotion of my books, and at a very reasonable price.I really appreciate how Mady Joshi and the team create attention-getting tweets that are right for my books, with a call to action, and then tweet them out on a regular basis.

    Diana Sobolewski
  • Suzan Johnson

    AllAuthor, has exposed me to more readers, and authors. I have enjoyed extra support with marketing and information. Promoting my books have been challenging due to time and financial constraints to a site like AllAuthor is an asset.

    Suzan Johnson
  • Becca Seymour

    I know several authors who use it and love the level of support the site offers and the visibility it provides. I’m in absolute agreements. There are so many nifty and time-effective support materials of use.

    Becca Seymour
  • Dave Harvey

    Of all the sites that help and promote authors, AllAuthor is for me, simply the best. The amount of work the site does to help promote featured books is way ahead of anyone else.

    Dave Harvey
  • Sonnie Wolf

    AllAuthor has been a great tool for me as an author. The website is easy to navigate and dig around in. As a reader it is an efficient way to find and discover authors.

    Sonnie Wolf
  • Nathan Parks

    I believe that for the price it has been one of the best places I have put my money. My second novel remained in the top 20 of cover contest for April, and even at times was in the top 10. This provided a lot of publicity. I am a graphic designer also, but don't have time to really focus on continual banners etc, and so for my money and time I find that the mock-ups and gifs that Allauthor provides it is worth it. Especially for indie authors I believe allauthor is a great investment.

    Nathan Parks
  • Randall Krzak

    I’ve found AllAuthor a very useful site and will continue to use it as one of my ‘tools’ in spreading the word about my writing. The ads make it easy to reach potential readers around the world.

    Randall Krzak
  • Kristy Centeno

    AllAuthor is a great site not just for exposure but to interact with readers and other authors. I’ve found new books I’m dying to read there too so even if my books aren’t getting much attention, I’m seeking new reads to enjoy.

    Kristy Centeno
  • Kristen Blanton

    AllAuthor has been a great help in promoting and it has opened my book up to so many people.

    Kristen Blanton
  • Char Webster

    I love AllAuthor and would recommend it to others. I love the personalized tweets and attention. The social media posts are not generic and show a little more detail about the story line.

    Char Webster
  • Carole McKee

    AllAuthor is pretty good. They seem to have thought of everything. I notice my book sales have increased, which is awesome. I love the things AllAuthor has created for my books, and I think it is well worth the money to be with them.

    Carole McKee
  • Daniel C. McWhorter

    AllAuthor is a fantastic resource for authors at all stages in their career. As a new indie author, I really appreciate AllAuthor’s Author Program and Cover of the Month contests. The service is reasonably priced, and you get great value for your money. The Tweet Scheduler Tool is especially helpful, and the Weekly Mockup Banners are a lot of fun and make a great addition to my social media image library.

    Daniel C. McWhorter
  • Christopher Cole

    My book and profile are getting more views every day because of AllAuthors, anything that provides greater exposure and finds potential readers is another opportunity to secure readership and a following. I would recommend AllAuthors to other writers.

    Christopher Cole
  • Judith Erwin

    I absolutely believe AllAuthor has benefited my promotion. I love the banners and tweets. I would recommend the platform to friends as I believe AllAuthor has provided an excellent return.

    Judith Erwin
  • Aidan McNally

    When self-publishing the maximum reach is important and I must not forget that there is a business side to this writing and indie author malarkey so exposure is a massive welcome boost that AllAuthor absolutely works hard at keeping up to date and finger on the pulse to know what is good and trending.

    Aidan McNally
  • P.E. YoungLibby

    I really like how AllAuthor creates tweets for me, so I don’t have to be a slave to the whole social media thing. I haven’t found another promotion site that gives the same value as AllAuthor for the price.

    P.E. YoungLibby
  • Misty Hayes

    They have been/and continue to be a HUGE support in my writing career. This is a great start! I love being featured.

    Misty Hayes
  • Jacqueline M Franklin

    I have enjoyed the short time I’ve been at AllAuthor and don’t plan to leave the site. I love the tools it offers a writer, and the format is fantastic. I’m sold on this site. I’m so pleased I found it.

    Jacqueline M Franklin
  • Susan Sage

    I’d noticed books being promoted by AllAuthor on Twitter and was impressed with how professional the ads looked. Also, I’ve always enjoyed reading the author interviews. My experience so far has been a lovely one.

    Susan Sage
  • SE White

    I think AllAuthor services are well worth the price. It’s a very fair deal, and a good tool to have on your side as a small press or indie author.

    SE White
  • Sila Long

    I love the services offered by AllAuthor. I use the wonderful book mockup banners on my website, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The easy access to sample chapters and links for buying increases the chances of engaging readers.

    Sila Long
  • Stephen Bentley

    The AllAuthor site is fantastic value for money. It looks professional and so easy to use. The GIF review maker is one of my favourite tools there.

    Stephen Bentley
  • Bekah Clark

    All Author has been great. I love the promotional images that are sent each week and I love the cover of the month contest.

    Bekah Clark
  • Sherry Ellis

    I love the automated Twitter scheduler! I also appreciate the Twitter posts, mock-up banners, and the author interview which have been provided as part of the pro- author/featured book experience.

    Sherry Ellis
  • Denna Holm

    I have been very happy with AllAuthor so far. My books are getting in front of people and that’s all I can ask. It’s a great help getting the banners every week to help with marketing, and also the tweets.

    Denna Holm
  • Jennifer Rose

    I was impressed with what was offered to authors and decided it was for me. I don’t always have time to promote my books, some days it’s impossible to give a tweet even. With AllAuthor I don’t worry because I know the tweets will come and many people will see and share.

    Jennifer Rose
  • Brianna West

    My experience with AllAuthor has been amazing. I did see an increase of downloads after I signed on. I love how easy the features are to use and how it helps with my social media outreach. It's also great to have an author page that shows all my books and gives links to all the different places they're sold without have to invest much of my time to make it.

    Brianna West
  • Pepper North

    I immediately checked out the site. I have been so pleased with the presence that AllAuthors helps me establish for all my books. The resources are excellent and technologically advanced.

    Pepper North
  • Susan Robinson

    The encouragement am getting from AllAuthor and its services, fans the fire in me to continue writing, more so, the 2nd Book of Caste in Half.

    Susan Robinson
  • Teresa Burrell

    I have been thrilled with the interest AllAuthor takes in their authors. The follow up since the contest has been extremely productive and worthwhile.

    Teresa Burrell
  • Asha Watson

    The benefit of being in the contest (Cover of The Month Contest) was the exposure and organic buzz that was created around my book! People started asking about the book and clicking the links when they got invested in voting for us. AllAuthor platform provided a nice link for me to share my work when I'm submitting for various projects.

    Asha Watson
  • Ember Dante

    I appreciate the tools offered through the site and the time it takes your team to maintain such an enormous undertaking.

    Ember Dante
  • Michel Prince

    What I like about AllAuthor is the ease of adding tweet messages. With other social media schedulers, I can spend two full days setting up posts with no help or hints.

    Michel Prince
  • Lashell Collins

    Working with AllAuthor takes a lot of the pressure off by offering authors a variety of tools to help with the marketing side of things. I wish I had known about AllAuthor from the very beginning. It would have saved me a whole lot of time and frustration.

    Lashell Collins
  • Amber Anthony

    AllAuthor has been the easiest asset in our social media experiences. The graphics are top shelf, the promises made are kept and the website operates with great ease.

    Amber Anthony
  • Sayara St. Clair

    First, the site is really well-designed and user-friendly. For that reason, it’s a rare circumstance that I’ve needed to contact the company to ask a question. However, the couple of times I have requested assistance, the staff have been prompt with their responses, as well as extremely helpful. Second, AllAuthor has some great features, e.g., the ability to create review GIFs and book teasers, and the fact that AllAuthor staff investigate the books themselves to create appropriate tweets for their clients. Third, and the thing I find most impressive about AllAuthor, is that they’re constantly coming up with new ideas and promotional materials for their clients. I heartily recommend AllAuthor to writers in all genres.

    Sayara St. Clair
  • Amy J. Markstahler

    I really love your website and have been thrilled with your services and the quality of everything! Your rates are fantastic for all that you offer. You reach out and help whenever there’s a problem, Mady is great to work with. I will definitely recommend you to any writer I know.

    Amy J. Markstahler
  • Thomas L. Hay

    It has been the best experience an author could expect when it comes to author support. I especially like and appreciate the weekly Book Mockup Banners. They are so creative. I can post them on Twitter with one little click. I’m also thankful for the Tweet reset reminder’s and for reader’s to be able to read a free sample of my book.

    Thomas L. Hay
  • Emma Calin (@EmmaCalin)

    AllAuthor have all kinds of creative ideas to promote my books and they give me a variety of tools that give me the ability to do stuff easily. As a writer I want to write stories. AllAuthor gives me an accessible professional platform which is a big part of the face I show to the world.

    Emma Calin (@EmmaCalin)
  • Kristin Ward

    I created an author page that is easy to navigate and informative while also being aesthetically pleasing. As an author, I also love the many promotional and marketing benefits of the site. I can easily put my discounted or free book in a data bank that readers can peruse to find their next great read or create eye-catching projects that I can share across social media.

    Kristin Ward
  • Donna M. Zadunajsky

    I love being able to insert my own quotes to place them on my websites. I should use the site much more than I do, but sometimes I get too busy with my own writing and then my life. I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about the site.

    Donna M. Zadunajsky
  • Breanna Hayse

    I’ve been with AllAuthor since around it’s conception, and the tools I get help simplify my life- and make my time more effective. I’m just sitting on pins and needles and waiting for you guys to start a publicist agency and take on clients to pitch books to the larger firms!

    Breanna Hayse
  • Mary R. Massey, Ed.D.

    I receive many helpful suggestions, creative marketing ideas, and opportunities to get the word out about my books. I especially appreciate the connections to other authors, the discussion forum, and the book listings. AllAuthor is on top of the latest in the literary community and I'm so happy to be a part of this amazing community!

    Mary R. Massey, Ed.D.
  • Brandy Nacole

    I think AllAuthor is a great service and I love the staff. The few times I’ve had questions or concerns, the staff got back to me in a timely manner and helped me with the issue. They were respectful and even checked on me a few days later to make sure all was still well. I highly recommend them to all authors looking for a little help.

    Brandy Nacole
  • Mona Sedrak

    I love all the features from tweeting made easy to GIF-makers and banners. I look forward every week to receiving the mock up banner. I love having an author page and a way to gather all my social media posts in one area. AllAuthor has great author branding tools that make marketing so much easier.

    Mona Sedrak
  • Jaidis Shaw

    I love that I can just upload my book cover and have a variety of promotional banners made, along with review GIFs and so much more. It allows me to get quick promotion so that I can spend more time writing.

    Jaidis Shaw
  • Kelsey Ketch

    AllAuthor has been a wonderful help in promoting my novels with its Deal Directory, author page, feature book, tweet scheduling ability, GIF maker, weekly graphics, and the tweet shout outs on AllAuthor platforms. My sales have increased since I signed up.

    Kelsey Ketch
  • Lakisha Johnson

    AllAuthor is a hidden gem that has to be uncovered. AllAuthor has resources most authors aren’t even aware of. It’s easy to use, not so expensive and did I say amazing.

    Lakisha Johnson
  • S.S. Segran

    I love what AllAuthor does. You guys go above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from online book promotion services. You make great effort to bring visibility to authors and their publications. Thank you for doing that and keep up the excellent work.

    S.S. Segran
  • Linda S Rice

    AllAuthor is the best promotional site I've come across as an author/writer. The weekly book mockup banners and the GIF customized banners are creative and helpful marketing tools. These services along with the tweets they do for me are a bargain compared to other sites. I have all 7 of my published books on AllAuthor and am so happy I found this site. I'm constantly amazed at what they do for me. Kudos to AllAuthor!

    Linda S Rice
  • Jody Kaye

    In one word, Unique. I haven’t encountered another company that personalizes their offerings the way that AllAuthor does.

    Jody Kaye
  • Jan Scarbrough

    I’m glad a writer friend told me about AllAuthor. You’ve been great to work with, making my marketing job easier. I love the tweets and the surprise images you send.

    Jan Scarbrough
  • Michelle Windsor

    So amazing. I’m constantly surprised when I jump on twitter and see how many times you’ve promoted my book(s), or when I get an email with a new graphic I can use. AllAuthor does the work for me without me even having to ask. It’s wonderful.

    Michelle Windsor
  • Cheryl Wright

    I adore AllAuthor! It has turned out to be the best value for money that I’ve found for authors. What I really love is how easy it is to make graphics. In fact, that was the main reason I joined. But I get so much more out of it (like the social media posts) and have convinced some of my author friends to join. AllAuthor does so much for authors, and in my opinion is well worth the small fee.

    Cheryl Wright
  • Susanne Leist

    I’ve been with AllAuthor for almost two years. The site offers pictures from pixaby that aren’t copyrighted. I use them to create banners for my book. AllAuthor shares my posts on Twitter and even creates unique holiday banners for our books. The website is user-friendly and continuously upgraded to offer us something new.

    Susanne Leist
  • Donald D. Allan

    I like the non-invasive approach to authors. I don’t get spammed, or harassed, or asked to doll out thousands of dollars on a daily basis. AllAuthor is wonderful in many ways. The tweets of my novels are well-written and resulting in sales. AllAuthor is helping me get the word out on my New Druids series to the world. It is a great partnership so far and I am enjoying the journey.

    Donald D. Allan
  • Linnea Tanner

    I’ve been pleased with the promotional services that AllAuthor offers. I particularly like scheduling tweets and creating GIFs using quotes from reviews of my book. It is a great site which readers can learn more about authors and their books.

    Linnea Tanner
  • Maddie James

    I think you all do a great job of tweeting my books. I like that you obviously read and understand the stories before you create the tweets. The website is attractive and easy to navigate. You’ve provided newer bells and whistles. Customer service is always timely. And, your pricing is reasonable. I appreciate your support, even though I could do more with your services.

    Maddie James
  • Jennae Vale

    AllAuthor has been such a pleasant surprise. I am so thrilled with everything they’ve done for me. I love the tweets, the review gifs and most of all, I love the way they make me feel like a valued client and that they’re doing everything possible to help me be a success.

    Jennae Vale
  • E.C. Fisher

    There are many websites I use and the list would be too long to fill it in here but compared to AllAuthor is ranks among the top. The website provides you with your own website, the ability to create teasers, tweet messages automatically, advertise your discounted or free books, and connect with other authors and/or readers.

    E.C. Fisher
  • Sherrill S Cannon

    I have been thrilled with AllAuthor and can’t say enough nice things about the website. They are invested in each of their authors, and go out of their way to constantly improve with innovative and creative ideas!

    Sherrill S Cannon
  • Nola Robertson

    I am extremely impressed with AllAuthor and the services they provide. I enjoy the unique tweets their team develops for my featured books. Being able to schedule my own tweets is also a plus. I appreciate that they are geared to provide authors and their books with marketing visibility, and are constantly developing new and interesting ways to help authors be successful.

    Nola Robertson
  • Teresa Gabelman

    LOVE! How’s that for thoughts on AllAuthor. It is so hard for authors to get their names heard. It’s a continuous struggle, but you give us a platform to do that. You also work so well with readers and that is amazing and for most authors means a lot. I have recommended you to other authors and will continue to do so. You guys absolutely ROCK! Thank you so much for this opportunity! Hugs, Teresa

    Teresa Gabelman
  • Sally Berneathy

    AllAuthor has been amazing about promoting my books on various venues. Their promotion is effective in increasing my sales, and the people are delightful to work with.The people at AllAuthor make me feel they are personally interested in my success. I like to sit at my computer and tell stories. I hate doing the promo stuff, but I realize it’s important. AllAuthor does a great job of taking care of this aspect so I can sit at my computer and write!

    Sally Berneathy
  • Ann Lister

    It was my assistant who introduced me to AllAuthor and I have to say I was not anticipating how much promotion AllAuthor does for the author. It was a wonderful surprise and I'm thrilled your services crossed my path.

    Ann Lister
  • John Priest

    I don't think I have ever seen another site quite like AllAuthor where they are in contact almost daily and extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with. I believe that their dedication and hard work will soon pay off and I want to be one of those authors who can say that I've been with AllAuthor from an early stage and success will follow for us all if we work hard and work together.

    John Priest
  • Lizabeth Scott

    What I’ve found working with AllAuthor is their honest desire to help me grow in this business. They are super helpful and very responsive when I’ve had a question or needed guidance.

    Lizabeth Scott
  • Diane Shute

    I like how it integrates with social media platforms, making it a great way to find and follow other authors.

    Diane Shute
  • Elizabeth Onyeabor

    All Author offers some great, easy tools to share review snippets and other resources.

    Elizabeth Onyeabor