Testimonials Comments From Our Featured Authors
  • Amanda McIntyre
    Amanda McIntyre

    I love the mockups for marketing. Those are great! And I appreciate the tweets! As an author, it's hard to make the rounds on all fronts consistently, so it’s great that AllAuthor has your back! So, thank you!!

  • Terry Graham
    Terry Graham

    The ability to create and manage posts, as well as the Author Page and Magic Tool you offer is a tremendous value. Having all those tools in one spot is a real timesaver too.

  • Juliane Corn Lee
    Juliane Corn Lee

    AllAuthor is a great resource for an indie author like me—I just renewed my annual subscription! My AllAuthor staff contact is professional and responsive, which is always a winning combination. Indispensable membership benefits include Book promotion on Twitter & Weekly Mockup Banners, which I simply share on my online promotions. Also, the Magic Tool lets me easily create amazing 3D book mockups that I share on social media. AllAuthor provides me with the tools to address the challenging marketing side that comes with publication.

  • Roland Sato Page
    Roland Sato Page

    What I love about your platform you make sure the members take advantage of all the helpful tools. To be honest, AllAuthor is the only one who does that. The others I encountered take your money and the feedback is minimal. You might not hear from them. You are the blue-collar service with grass-root results.

  • Dee S. Knight
    Dee S. Knight

    It’s an amazing group! You offer so much to the author, from weekly advertising graphics to tools like your image-maker and such. You’re really a treasure for authors! Thanks for being there for us.

  • Heather Lynn
    Heather Lynn

    I have found AllAuthor to be a very helpful source for marketing. They answer questions promptly and care about their members. Thank you, AllAuthor!


    I LOVE the entire experience. I love the ease in which I am able to create banners and post on my social media. I love the way that AllAuthor regularly posts for me. I am extremely happy with the entire experience.

  • Vickie L. Gardner
    Vickie L. Gardner

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and being a part of AllAuthor. It has been positive, uplifting, and it has been great to see what other authors are working on and what they have published. In addition to enjoying the communications and the interaction, I feel a sense of support and sharing with the other authors and the AllAuthor team.

  • Lisa Jo Symonds
    Lisa Jo Symonds

    I have really enjoyed AllAuthor for many reasons. I enjoy having my own profile on there where people can follow me, purchase my books from links, connect to my social media platforms, etc. I also have enjoyed the weekly mock-ups that come on Saturdays – I tend to use them in many ads for my book.

  • Richard Lutman
    Richard Lutman

    The services like the chat for authors and sites such as Authors Helping Authors. For writers, this an excellent site to promote your books. I particularly love the ingenious mock-ups of the book cover of my collection.

  • Alexandra Reed
    Alexandra Reed

    AllAuthor is amazing. I've enjoyed my experience immensely and can't imagine a writing career without AllAuthor being there. The competition and promotion and the mockups are all useful and very much appreciated.

  • Bronwen Evans
    Bronwen Evans

    I love the website. It’s so easy to use and find your favorite authors and all their books or read about anything romance related.

  • Kendra Moreno
    Kendra Moreno

    I love how everything operates, the tools at my disposal, and the general set up of everything. It's all so easy to use, and I love that about AllAuthor, especially when a lot of other interfaces make it so difficult to work with.

  • Matthew McCray
    Matthew McCray

    It has a lot of useful features that I've taken advantage of and enjoy. The book mockups, for example, I've used a lot. Having my book featured has also gotten me some good visibility.

  • Lisa Keeble
    Lisa Keeble

    It's a fantastic site with great resources for authors and you get the impression that the team really cares about you and your book!

  • Heather Carson
    Heather Carson

    I love having easy access to different marketing tools. The PNGs I can generate to throw into visual ads have been a lifesaver because I still don’t know how to do that on my own.

  • Shelby Kent-Stewart
    Shelby Kent-Stewart

    Your professionalism and dedication to your authors are unequaled. I could not be happier and plan to add my other books over the next few months.

  • Ayden K. Morgen
    Ayden K. Morgen

    Some of the tools available have been such a tremendous help. Like the Tweet Scheduler and the Magic Tool. I use both frequently and highly recommend them. I actually told my husband that I wanted a Pro Membership for my birthday in January, which he got me. Happy birthday to me!

  • Jennifer Haskin
    Jennifer Haskin

    It was affordable to feature all my books, and AllAuthor tweets really professional gifs and posts on my behalf every week. Then I’m allowed to download copies of the ads to use elsewhere. The tools are amazing. I use the magic tool to download .pngs of my books to put in Canva ads for Bookbub, Instagram, and Facebook/LinkedIn banners.

  • Carissa Andrews
    Carissa Andrews

    I think my biggest wins have been using the Magic Wand tool and learning how to run the tweet scheduler. But I also adore the weekly promo images that get emailed over and all the support from AllAuthor, as well. It’s been an incredible experience. I’m so happy to have found you guys.

  • Janie Marie
    Janie Marie

    That marketing stress I talked about really eased up with knowing AllAuthor was behind me.

  • Peter J Bergeron
    Peter J Bergeron

    AllAuthor is a fantastic website, who continually seeks new ideas and methods to promote authors and their books. I am a customer for life.

  • Sabina Gabrielli Carrara
    Sabina Gabrielli Carrara

    It is a great help and a way to connect to a fantastic community of writers and readers, I wish I had more time to spend online.

  • Ruby O
    Ruby O'Connor

    I have enjoyed meeting other authors, and seeing my work on display has been a great motivator. I love seeing the banners, and I hope to continue building my audience and telling my stories. I am very grateful to have this community and platform, it's wonderful!

  • R.J. Garcia
    R.J. Garcia

    It really helps when you don't have time to tweet and promote your work. This service uses pictures and videos that spotlight book reviews. It also gives you access to tools to create book pics and videos on your own. It has been a great experience.

  • Bill DeBarba
    Bill DeBarba

    I am very impressed with the ease of use and intuitive structure. But I am most impressed with how your service is so personal.

  • Lila Ferrari
    Lila Ferrari

    The website has been helpful and exposed me to more advice and authors.

  • Catherine P. Muller
    Catherine P. Muller

    I love AllAuthors. So far, it is the only company I have come accross who actually has provided a real tangible assistance in marketing.

  • Barbara Roman
    Barbara Roman

    Working with the AllAuthor staff is a positive and supportive experience. I love all the services you offer - even on the free plan. Now I have the paid plan which is very affordable and well worth the money. I love the book mock-ups, the featured book perks; the tweet scheduler is awesome, and your notifications to remind me to reset the tweet schedule for a book saves me so much time and effort. Yours is a very generous and valuable service.

  • Honey Thomas
    Honey Thomas

    I like the connections/networking, I absolutely love the staff support, the book cover contests, and the mock-ups. The only suggestion I have for your website is to keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Eldon Kellogg
    Eldon Kellogg

    AllAuthor has been the most useful source I've come across yet. Most Sites want your money, but you get very little in return. The Magic Tool is great! I appreciate the opportunity to tell readers more about me, my writing and what makes me tick.

  • Randee Green
    Randee Green

    I enjoy getting to connect with other authors through AllAuthor. It’s another way to form connections that isn’t through social media platforms. I also enjoy all of the book mockup designs. Creating eye-catching graphics is so easy.

  • Melissa Riddell
    Melissa Riddell

    The Cover of the Month contest is great, and really drives a lot of traffic to an author’s books. I love the book teaser generator, too. There’s not anything I dislike about AllAuthor. Everything offered has been beneficial and user-friendly too.

  • Jennifer M. Lane
    Jennifer M. Lane

    I’ve loved the images you provide and the ease of use. I’m never quite sure where to find the new 3D cover creator, not expecting it to be under Magic Tools. But I always find it. Thank you for providing these amazing services and for your support of the indie community. You’re a gem!

  • Julie Hoag
    Julie Hoag

    I’ve enjoyed being a part of AllAuthor. I really love the templates and the social media help with great too. I do recommend it.

  • Sarah Lampkin
    Sarah Lampkin

    AllAuthor has helped me explore different avenues when it comes to marketing but opened my eyes in so many ways in what I could be doing to grow my readership. It’s been a journey that has been stressful, but I love it all at the same time.

  • Anna Casamento Arrigo
    Anna Casamento Arrigo

    I am very pleased with Allauthor and the support and constant sharing of my work. They understand the importance, but, most importantly, value their clients’ input on all levels!

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    It’s gotten me some good exposure, and I’ve picked up some followers. I like the set-up on the profile page, and the various media sites it’s linked up with. There are a lot of good resources available, too.

  • Les  Jensen
    Les Jensen

    AllAuthor is an excellent platform for new and established authors to step up their game. AllAuthor gives you the tools to bring some pop and flare to your marketing efforts. It also helps you to connect with other authors, and also with your readers. To have a community to learn from can really help new authors “learn the ropes.”

  • Ben Galley
    Ben Galley

    It’s been a great platform for getting my books in front of new readers, and the tools are handy when it comes to marketing.

  • Lynne Marino
    Lynne Marino

    The website truly keeps me on task and in order. They present a wealth of opportunities to help authors get the word out, with taste and class. They are helping me wade into Twitter, and organize my marketing.

  • Lisa Hodgins
    Lisa Hodgins

    I love the mock-ups that I can share, and their timeliness are great reminders for me to take action. There are tools on your website I look forward to exploring. I spent money on other marketing ideas but feel what you offered has been the best value and experience I’ve received yet. Thank You so much!!

  • Daniel Harry
    Daniel Harry

    I have found several books that I normally would not have seen other places. I really like the monthly seasonal mockups to use as an advertising tool and they offer some very handy author’s tools. It is easy to look for new books to read in different genres.

  • Taryn Feldmann
    Taryn Feldmann

    I joined AllAuthour last year in 2019 and it's been a great experience. My book is being promoted on social media and I've gained followers and met other authors virtually.

  • Lynn McLaughlin
    Lynn McLaughlin

    I love the mockups that I recieve monthy, with the option of flagging the ones I like out of the multitude of options. The seasonal and magic tool are very unique as well. I have been asked to "pilot" or "research" things before they are launched and provide feedback, which is fun to do as an author. The Magic Tool was one example. The GIFs, Tweets, video banners - many options available to us. Also, our facebook group is interactive and within a very short period of time, when someone asks a question, it is answered. That is greatly appreciated!

  • Kim Black
    Kim Black

    I’m enjoying the AllAuthor community, contests, and tools. I feel like I receive great value from the site and through the social media platforms attached.

  • Megan Hetherington
    Megan Hetherington

    After having such great experience with it, this year I upgraded my membership so I could take full advantage of what the website has to offer. I love the book teasers and magic tools, and the tweet scheduler is awesome too.

  • Medea Kalantar
    Medea Kalantar

    AllAuthor has provided a wonderful, professional-looking landing page. They offer graphics and animated gifs with my book covers that I use on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. My favourite tool is the automatic tweet about my books with the book covers. I can control how many tweets a day and just hit the refresh button, when I reach the 5 tweet limit. You can’t get better than All-Author. I have recommended this site to many of my author friends. Keep up the good work!

  • Roger Criner
    Roger Criner

    I think you are doing a very good job with the promotion. It has given my book much needed exposure which will lead to more people taking a look.

  • Charles Phipps
    Charles Phipps

    It's been an amazing help to promoting my books and I heartily recommend it to authors who need help getting attention to their works.

  • David W. Thompson
    David W. Thompson

    Great interaction and communications with both authors and readers. A wonderful exposure outlet for new and veteran writers. Appreciate you guys!

  • Kelley L Griffin
    Kelley L Griffin

    I like how AllAuthor has free tools to help you promote yourself and they send out promotions for you. It’s reasonably priced and well worth your marketing dollars.

  • Donna Munro
    Donna Munro

    I love AllAuthor services. Though I’m a graphic designer, your magic tool and layouts save time and time is money. The promotions are well worth it.

  • Janice Spina
    Janice Spina

    Having AllAuthor help promote my books has been a wonderful experience. AllAuthor has made promoting quicker and easier than ever, but at the same a joy to do. I have never worked with any one person or group that has been as talented and creative. I have had so much fun creating gifs with my books and reviews on AllAuthor. The mockup themes you provide are perfect and I’ve seen an increase in interest in my books.

  • Kelly Curtis
    Kelly Curtis

    AllAuthor allows you to connect with other authors, not just on AllAuthor, but to find each other on Instagram, which I have found to be very rewarding. I also appreciate the monthly emails with complimentary promotional photos of my book. It’s such a help in marketing as creating different images takes a lot of time, and my promotional photos aren’t nearly as good as the ones at AllAuthor.

  • Karine Saint Jacques
    Karine Saint Jacques

    AllAuthor is a great platform for authors. It has allowed me to connect with fellow authors and to make One Christmas more visible to readers.

  • Darlene Foster
    Darlene Foster

    I like the site very much as it is easy for someone like me, who is not as technical as should be, to maneuver it. There is a nice personal feel to the site as well.

  • Conor Carton
    Conor Carton

    I really like AllAuthor, you make it much easier and more natural, you are a great meeting point for writers and readers. I have and will continue to recommend AllAuthor.

  • Lynda Rees
    Lynda Rees

    Tools are simple to create, professional looking and convenient to use. I appreciate ease of creating unique, special artwork for social media, specific to my books. The ability to pre-set tweets is convenient and easy to use. Cover contests give an extra opportunity to put in front of fan eyes. Feature ads are affordable. I went into the program as an experiment, with low expectations and have been pleasantly surprised.

  • C. L. Bauer
    C. L. Bauer

    I really appreciate the extra helpful tweets and information. I love doing something like this. It is an interesting concept to connect with other authors when I’m used to just sitting alone writing. I love the community.

  • Denise Liebig
    Denise Liebig

    My experience with AllAuthor has been a great one! Any time I have had questions or needed assistance, I've received a response in a timely and friendly manner. Also, your mockups are a nice addition to my marketing efforts, and I've used many on my social media pages. The promotional tweets for my featured book have helped to build my platform and grow my audience.

  • Ginny Fite
    Ginny Fite

    All Author offers a way to amplify my messages about my books to people I wouldn't ordinarily reach. They make it easy, and that's what I need.

  • Kathleen McKee
    Kathleen McKee

    I’m very impressed with the level of support for independent writers by AllAuthor. The website creators understand the importance of a social media presence, and they have provided tremendous tools for pro members at a very reasonable price. In the past, I spent hours trying to create ad banners to post on Facebook. I can now make beautifully-designed banners and gifs in seconds. Instagram and Twitter were neglected by me because there were just not enough hours in the day. AllAuthor tweets for me and connects me with other authors and readers to increase my visibility. I’m tremendously grateful!

  • Bambi Harris
    Bambi Harris

    I like that it encourages a social element while featuring the authors, offering them opportunities to share their promotions and works. It has a good marketing foundation and has a personal feel to it.

  • D.L. Blade
    D.L. Blade

    I love it! So many great tools and I’ve connected with several fellow authors and amazing readers! Thank you!

  • Sandra L Rostirolla
    Sandra L Rostirolla

    AllAuthor is terrific. The price is right and the GIFs and Social Media assets are invaluable.

  • Janet Mason
    Janet Mason

    My experience with AllAuthor has been great. I’ve been told by some that they could not work with me because of my subject matter. But aside from being happy to find someone I can work with, I know I can rest assured that AllAuthor is helping readers find me.

  • Stan Loveday
    Stan Loveday

    I am very grateful to have found the site AllAuthor, and the support you provide to authors. From the tweets to the ideas on blurbs, it is hands down a wonderful choice. The quality of pictures that can be used with my books for emails, messages or displays is superb. Keep up the great job guys.

  • ig Oliver
    ig Oliver

    I stumbled on AllAuthor last year, best thing that happened to me using media, really helped me in many ways, especially with connecting and designing. The magic tool is so useful - Gif maker and banners are a real plus, connecting with other member authors has been a great way to get noticed through easily accessible media platforms. I was really impressed with how easy it was to use and help me through the muddle of book media.

  • Joy Lynn Goddard
    Joy Lynn Goddard

    AllAuthor is an excellent support for beginning as well as established writers. Although writing is a solitary profession, it’s much less so though this platform. I’ve met many writing friends from across the world who provide a wealth of knowledge by sharing the ups and downs of their writing experiences. I recommend AllAuthor with no hesitation.

  • Sandra J. Jackson
    Sandra J. Jackson

    AllAuthor has many tools for authors to use to help with marketing and gain readership.

  • S.M. Stevens
    S.M. Stevens

    I especially love the promotional images I can make with the Magic Tool and the mockup banners. That saves me endless hours of design frustration and produces a really professional product! I also love the Review GIF maker—those GIFs do quite well engaging people on social media.

  • Yeral Ogando
    Yeral Ogando

    What I like the most is the social part, tweeting my books on a regular basis and promoting it, as well as the tools in the website.

  • Maron Craig Bielovitz
    Maron Craig Bielovitz

    I've enjoyed using the banners they provide to promote my books on social media. They are very "hands on" in having a personal relationship with members

  • DM Mortier
    DM Mortier

    This site is very helpful. The reminders, the periodic mockups, the tweets, the cover edit capabilities, and I’m sure there are countless others that I haven’t used yet.

  • Nick Albert
    Nick Albert

    The website is extremely professional, the marketing tools all work well. You’ve delivered everything you promised and more. With regard to marketing my books, AllAuthor has genuinely saved me money and time, as well as having a positive impact on my sales and profile.

  • Scarlett Flame
    Scarlett Flame

    AllAuthor has helped me to bring attention to my writing and sent me some amazing teasers as well as some fantastic resources such as the 3D teasers that you can make on the site.

  • Alan Van Ransom
    Alan Van Ransom

    AllAuthor has been a boon for getting my work out to the public. I’m a featured author, and it would be my sincerest recommendation for you, as an author, to become featured. The cost is very reasonable and I can’t imagine that I won’t be renewed next year. A sincere thanks to all of my friends at AllAuthor.

  • Analei Skye
    Analei Skye

    It's been exceptional. I've felt very supported and a genuine sense of community. I would absolutely recommend it to all of my author friends.

  • Leone
    Leone' Sweet

    For an indie author, the promotional support I get from All Author is more then I expected. From the banners, the author directory, the tools for social media and its marketing tools. All Author has exceeded my expectations.All Author allows new indie writers like myself to use a promotional platform to reach readers.

  • Karen Janowsky
    Karen Janowsky

    It’s been fantastic. Extremely helpful in several ways, from marketing materials to publicity to networking.

  • Michael Kent
    Michael Kent

    Your team meets and beats what you promise us. I have nothing but praise for AllAuthor and will recommend your invaluable help to any serious writer.

  • Michelle Holland
    Michelle Holland

    I am getting more followers, book views and Amazon clicks, thanks to you. Any exposure really helps a self-published Author like me. Your tweets really help, as to be honest, I am totally useless on Twitter! I love the gifs and banners you make available, as I can produce these quickly and easily, they are very professional and help me in promoting my books. I would like to thank you for your continued help and support.

  • Margaret Tran
    Margaret Tran

    AllAuthor has so many cool features and I deeply grateful that my book is tweeted out from different handles, which I don’t have to do everything myself. In general, AllAuthor helps me with my personal branding, showcase my book, which truly simplifies my author life and energy in promoting my book.

  • RJ Blain
    RJ Blain

    I really enjoy the cover contests, as there are always nice covers out there, and it’s a fun way to connect with my readers once a month! It’s also a good way to potentially find new books to read, which I do enjoy.

  • Alicia Anthony
    Alicia Anthony

    My experience with AllAuthor has been fantastic. It’s great to get the extra plug here and there and I enjoy the tools they offer as far as creating easy review videos and mock-ups to use for social media. It takes some of the load off my shoulders so I can do what I really want to do…write!

  • L. B. Joyce
    L. B. Joyce

    I appreciate the sincerity of AllAuthor and the fact you are always taking steps to make improvements to the site. I like that I’m able to check out what other authors are doing and this information is also open to readers. After all, they are what keeps us writing.

  • Vera Harris
    Vera Harris

    My takeaway with AllAuthor is that this is a great organization that is there to encourage and help new and experienced authors to write and promote their best book ever. I have learned a lot from AllAuthor because of the diverse group of authors that have helped me learn new concepts and information that will help me become an author of outstanding children's books. I am excited to be apart of such a wonderful group of people of AllAuthor.

  • Delilah Bluette
    Delilah Bluette

    I’ve been a member of AllAuthor since April of 2019. Not a very long time. But I’ve enjoyed it so far. It took me a few months to get the hang of all the advertising banners and features which the website makes available to member authors. However, once I did, I really appreciated them. It makes Twitter advertising super easy and I don’t have to create my own graphics. Saves time and I love it.

  • A.R. Vagnetti
    A.R. Vagnetti

    I was researching what platforms to utilize as an author. Ones that would help get my book visible and support my marketing needs. AllAuthor has been a great resource for helping create beautiful mockups for social media and connecting me with other wonderful authors to stalk... I mean follow.

  • Dan Gallagher
    Dan Gallagher

    I do recommend AllAuthor as an inexpensive and tremendously time-saving tool for creating and publicizing graphics for my nonfiction (so far) and, soon, my fiction.Since I started AllAuthor, my web traffic has increased about twenty percent and Skyhorse Publishing (my nonfiction publisher) informs me that Amazon visits have increased the same.

  • Amy Metz
    Amy Metz

    AllAuthor’s support is invaluable along with the many services offered: the review gif maker, the promotional book banners, the Magic Tool (where you can design your own 3D book promos), the tweets and retweets . . . it’s all such a help and I’m grateful.

  • Dr. Leanna Floyd
    Dr. Leanna Floyd

    I have been really impressed with AllAuthor’s services. As a new author, it’s so valuable to have a team in my corner cheering me on and helping me on my journey. I love that AllAuthor provides authors with so many valuable tools to help them promote their books, and they make the process super easy when it comes to creating ads/content. I am always thrilled when I get a notification that they have promoted my book through their social media channels. They truly work hard for me as an author helping me gain visibility in the book world. One of my favorite things about AllAuthor is that they also help authors find the right readers for their specific genre. AllAuthor puts in the work to help readers find new books, which is very valuable to me as an author. Whether one is a new author or an established author, I highly recommend using AllAuthor for one’s book needs.

  • Ron Plante Jr
    Ron Plante Jr

    I wish I found your site before I paid for my regular author site because you guys provide a great one. I like the different options you provide as far marketing and advertising goes. Let’s be honest, the hardest thing for a self-published author is self-promoting and AllAuthor does a great job providing tools for that. I will be a lifelong member.

  • Mark Piggott
    Mark Piggott

    I love the weekly book mockups. It really helps me in developing my own social media marketing pushes.

  • Tom Stearns
    Tom Stearns

    AllAuthor's has helped me realise that books need promotion. It organised my catalogue and sends me great pictures to post on social media. I would say it is essential for any author who wants their work to be read by a wider audience.

  • S. Dalambakis
    S. Dalambakis

    I love AllAuthor. I’ve gained new readers and followers since becoming a member. The services are easy to use. Making teasers and ads are faster to produce since I do those myself. Everyone from the company that has messaged me has be kind and helpful. I definitely recommend AllAuthor.

  • Smit Chacha
    Smit Chacha

    AllAuthor helped me a lot in book marketing process, they have been writing and tweeting about my books in twitter. I am glad that I am a AllAuthor member.

  • Susan Yawn Tanner
    Susan Yawn Tanner

    I’d rate AllAuthor as very effective. I’ve found it to be one of the more intuitive websites which makes it so much easier to navigate.

  • M. Anderson
    M. Anderson

    Overall it's a pretty user friendly website with lots of good features for first time authors. It's well worth it for the money you spend. I recommend it.