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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 2 years ago
    • Have you ever experienced "Writer's Block"? Any tips you would like to share to overcome it?
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      • Marie Powell Marie Powell 1 year ago
      • I think all authors have experienced "writer's block" in one way or another. I have two tips for handling these "slow" moments in our writing lives. My Number One tip is to be kind to yourself! It's okay to take a break for a short while. But my Number Two tip is to get back to it and write your way through it. Try journaling or "freewriting" using an online writing prompt (google it or try Bonni Goldberg's new edition of "Room to Write" for some great ideas). Do some planning about your characters or story ideas with one of the great planning tools that we have available now (like One Stop for Writers - I love that site -! You could read a craft book and try a writing exercise (I recommend Julia Cameron and Nathalie Goldberg). Honestly, the best way to overcome writer's block is to write. Don't censor yourself, just write until something comes up that you want to keep writing about. Best wishes for your writing success!
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