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Feature Your BookBoost the promotion of your latest release.
Let us help you acquire maximum exposure for your book.

What is a featured book?

A Featured Book is one that the author wants to boost the promotion on our website and other social media platforms. We assist the authors with the promotional content through customized tweets, promotional GIFs, etc., which we promote rigorously for 6 months on our social media channels.

To feature your book, you'll have to Join as an Author, and add your book to your Author Profile, if you haven't already.

What are the benefits for the featured book?

  • Within 24 hours of the submission, your book will be featured on our website and listed among the top entries in our Book Directory.
    Note: Our website contains a Kindle e-Book Deals section which is broken up into three categories- namely, Free, Kindle Unlimited and $0.99. If your book falls under any one of these criteria, we will add your book to our e-Book deals section.
  • The Featured Book is also listed among the 'Recommended Books' panel among other books under the same genre.
  • Our creative team fabricates customized promotional contents like tweets, GIFs, social posts, etc. for your book based on sample chapters and book reviews.
  • The Featured Book will get regular promotions on Twitter for 6 months. On Twitter we promote books

    to over 50,000+ followers. Each of the tweets will be attached by the book cover and Amazon buy link.
    We will provide you a panel where you can track the tweets sent from our twitter accounts.
  • A promotional book page is created which includes Amazon reviews and sample chapters from the book. If there is a video available for your book, we will be happy to display it.
  • On your book page, links will be provided to its respective pages on Amazon, KOBO, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iBooks etc, thereby making it easier for readers to purchase your book from their preferred store.
  • Authors can also track the number of clicks on its e-retailers from their account.
Submit your book

Featured book submission fee is set at only $24, one time payment for a promotion period of 6 months.