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  • Susanne Leist I’ve been with AllAuthor for almost two years. The site offers pictures from pixaby that aren’t copyrighted. I use them to create banners for my book. AllAuthor shares my posts on Twitter and even creates unique holiday banners for our books. The website is user-friendly and continuously upgraded to offer us something new. Susanne Leist
  • John Priest I don't think I have ever seen another site quite like AllAuthor where they are in contact almost daily and extremely friendly and a pleasure to work with. I believe that their dedication and hard work will soon pay off and I want to be one of those authors who can say that I've been with AllAuthor from an early stage and success will follow for us all if we work hard and work together. John Priest
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$59/ 6 months
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Featured Book listing price $24, included in Pro Membership? Yes, Pro Membership includes listing one of your books as Featured Book (worth $34), (i.e.) the Featured Book is listed among the top most entries in Book Directory and gets a regular promotion for 6 months. You can feature more of your books at a minimal cost of $24 per book.

I have only one published book, can I still join the Pro Membership? Yes, any published author can join the Pro Membership to avail maximum online exposure through AllAuthor.

Can I upgrade to Pro Membership later? If you have already registered and have a basic account, then you can upgrade to Pro Membership (the option is available in the My Account section) anytime.

Will the payment be deducted monthly? NO, this is a one-time payment. There's NO automatic renewal when your membership ends. Your membership is valid for 6 months. During this time you can add as many of your books as you want at no extra cost. After 6 months, if you wish to continue Pro Membership, the payment has to be made again, manually.

What payment options are available? For now, the only payment option available is PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you need not worry, you can make the payment using your credit or debit card via PayPal.
In case you want to make a wire transfer, get in touch with us at for further details.

How long does it take to list my profile on Author Directory? Once your Profile is complete, our team will manually check the profile and within 24 hours your Author Profile will be listed on our Author Directory.