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I love the ideas AllAuthor come up with to highlight our books. Cover of the Month is an example of this. It's fun and gives our readers the opportunity to vote for their favorites. I especially like that they are not required to register in order to vote too. It's just one of the ways they keep us fresh in our readers' minds.

KL Shandwick

I want to thank you for creating Cover of the Month. The free exposure and recognition that it provides new authors is indispensable while providing a friendly and exciting competition!

Simon Lindley


Cover of the Month Contest is conducted by AllAuthor every month. The main purpose of this contest is to provide an opportunity for the authors to promote their newly published books in front of thousands of readers.


Partaking in the contest is not only about winning but also holds a lot of boons for all participants. Here's how:

  • An opportunity to give a shout out about your books.
  • Buy links are attached for potential buyers to directly make a purchase.
  • One-click follow for social media accounts of the author.
  • Sample chapters of the book can be attached.
  • Users will share their favorite covers in social media, hence more visibility.
  • Exclusive prizes and offers from AllAuthor for the winner and the runners.
    • The Winner will get Pro-Membership worth $59 for free and the first two runners can feature one of their books each worth $24 for free.
    • The winner and runners of all months will be permanently listed on a separate Cover of the Month Winners page.
    • The winners and the runners will get digital badges which they can flaunt on their websites and social media.

Guidelines to participate:

  • Only registered authors of AllAuthor can participate. (If you are not a member at AllAuthor, Sign Up now!)
  • The book which you want to enter in the contest has to be added to your Author Profile.
  • Only those book covers can be submitted for which the author has the sole copyright.
  • Only one book cover can be submitted by an author in a month.
  • Although erotica books are allowed, pornographic, salacious, obscene covers are not allowed for participation
  • Only covers of single books are allowed and it shouldn't be entered as a box set.

What is the contest's process?

    The contest is divided into four rounds throughout the month. Each round happens for one week; hence the total duration of the contest is four weeks.

    RoundsBook covers entering the round and available for votingBook covers selected at the end of the round
    Round IAll book covers entered in the contestTop 100 most-voted book covers
    Round IITop 100 book covers from Round ITop 50 most-voted book covers
    Round IIITop 50 book covers from Round IITop 24 most-voted book covers
    Round IVTop 24 book covers from Round IIIFinal Top 1 winner and 2 runners with the most votes

    For every single book cover, first 200 votes can users vote with or without registering at AllAuthor. After that particular cover has obtained 200 votes, any further users who wish to vote for that cover have to be a registered user of AllAuthor or new users can register and then vote for the cover.

How can you use it?

Authors can make use of the contest to promote their books through social media and websites. Authors will receive a template from AllAuthor that can be used to invite readers and subscribers to vote.

During the Round IV, when top 24 book covers remain in the running, AllAuthor will send out an email to all registered users, inviting them to vote for their favorite covers. Hence this contest is a great way for authors to promote their newly released books by making use of the attractive book covers!


It is absolutely FREE for all registered authors to participate in the contest.

If you are not a member at AllAuthor, create an account now!