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I love animals and sports. I'm an avid fan of the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Capitals, and the University of Maryland Football and Basketball programs.

I attended the University of Baltimore and St. Mary's Seminary.

Things that I like: the sound of Karen Carpenter’s voice, the taste of orange Hi-C, and the smell of Christmas pine. Things that I don’t like: people who abuse animals, reality TV (I have enough reality in my life, thank you), and the meaningless expression “everything happens for a reason.”

I have a weakness for romantic films. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Silver Linings Playbook, and Champions: A Love Story are among my favorites and influence my work.

I give you my promise that my books always end with an inspired and powerful Happily Ever After. There's enough tragedy in the world. I want to lift people up by affirming the power and primacy of love through my novels. I think the world hungers for that message. Though my characters often have to absorb the blows that life deals them, they always find their way back to one another. Love always triumphs. That’s my pledge to you, the reader.

Should you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at arthurarchambeau@gmx.com I answer all inquiries personally. To learn about upcoming projects, please visit: www.arthurarchambeau.com.

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(1) $4.99 kindleeBook,
Caged Lions Never Roarby Arthur ArchambeauPublish: Mar 22, 2019Contemporary Romance
Her Innocent Marine
$4.86 kindleeBook,
Her Innocent Marineby Arthur ArchambeauPublish: Nov 09, 2018Erotic Romance Literary Fiction

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(1) $4.99 kindleeBook,
Caged Lions Never Roarby Arthur ArchambeauPublish: Mar 22, 2019Contemporary Romance
Arthur Archambeau Arthur Archambeau
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