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DJ Cooper

Author of the dystopia series and other short works. I am currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University starting for a Masters degree in creative writing in English. I write books, and humor, research articles, and commentaries for a blog I maintain. Also informative articles for magazines such as the odyssey prepare a magazine and Prepper survival.

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Dystopia: The Beginning of the End
(3) $3.32 kindleeBook,
Dystopia: The Beginning of the Endby DJ CooperPublish: Jul 27, 2016Series: DystopiaAction & Adventure Science Fiction
Sun's Fury (Nine Meals from Anarchy Book 1)
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Sun's Fury (Nine Meals from Anarchy Book 1)by DJ CooperPublish: Sep 25, 2019Science Fiction
Deception (Insurrection Trilogy Book 1)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Deception (Insurrection Trilogy Book 1)by DJ CooperPublish: May 05, 2020Thriller Teen & Young Adult
Run from the Dead: A Zombie Anthology
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Run from the Dead: A Zombie Anthologyby DJ CooperPublish: Oct 23, 2021

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  • Dystopia

    1 Dystopia: The Beginning of the End - Published on Jul, 2016

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      • DJ Cooper DJ Cooper 3 years ago
      • My schedule is always crazy. I would love nothing more than to be able to sip sangria in the woods and write glorious tales, but that is not my life [a girl can dream though]. I drive a limo some days and a school bus, cause a girl's gotta eat you know. I also run a podcast radio network on preparedness [which goes well with the theme of my books]. While promoting the books I've created an author promotional site with genre groups to chat with authors and readers. All of this keeps me quite busy, sometimes even too busy to write. Gasp!!! Too busy to write? Yes, I often need to reset and remember why, and what I want. I need to promote the book but can't stand the perpetual link slinging we see so much of so I work hard at it, but it has to have its place, which was to promote the writing itself.
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      • DJ Cooper DJ Cooper 3 years ago
      • People say, "Don't read reviews, some are just mean spirited or trolls." I read every one of them and take it to heart. I've had one that clearly never read the book, but it always offers insights to those taking the time to either share their thoughts or go out of their way to say something. Do you know the old saying all publicity? Well, this tells me something even in its nothing. Any author who hopes to be more must listen to those that read their work. We cannot possibly please everyone but reviews help me to fine tune the works. When dealing with reviews the good ones are so wonderful and if I know the reader I will thank them. The bad ones are far more delicate, most bad ones I may respond to. Thanking them for finding issues within the pages if they are valid points of contention. Those that have clearly never read the book I may contact Amazon or the review venue. It hurts everyone when someone leaves unfounded reviews good or bad.
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