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Mother, Grandmother, Storyteller, Business Owner, Herder of cats.
Laura Ranger is a natural storyteller. She has been turning all of life into stories since she was very young. This mother of one, grandmother of three began actually writing her fictitious stories down to the delight of her friends and family. She's been writing her tales for over twenty years. She became a published author when she put one of her short stories in a Christmas anthology in support of feeding children around the world, entitled Eight 'Til Christmas. Once she saw one of her stories in print, she will tell you she can't stop.

In addition to co-authoring Rogue, she has a novel called Lessons, which is almost complete. She envisions parents reading with their children. Laura discovered while writing the book, the lessons throughout the story speak to both children and adults. Additionally, she has contracted her novel Deception with Mélange Books, LLC to be released next year. She is currently writing a novel on good versus evil called Royalty, and new stories coming to her all the time.

Laura will tell you, "God blessed me with a natural gift of storytelling; it is up to me to use that gift to the best of my ability."

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Royaltyby Laura RangerPublish: May 08, 2017Supernatural Suspense Christian Fiction Teen & Young Adult

Laura Ranger Interview On 29, Mar 2017

"To author Laura Ranger, writing has always meant one thing: Fulfillment​. Writing suspense stories is a tricky and delicate balance, but luckily, Laura was raised and trained by her grandmother who was skilled at this art or storytelling.​ The suspense and crime genre is one that greatly excites Laura and while she does have some hot scenes, she says that "Romance alone just isn't my style." She has also been playing with the idea of writing an erotic novel under the pen name​ Dew Mebetter. Her inspiration has come from dreams, real life, and even God. There are a lot of great stories out there and she only wishes there were more good writers because as a publisher, Laura is astounded at the number of people that are not able to construct a simple sentence. Laura states that the experience of publishing her new book refined her and made her want to be proud of what she was imparting to the world, therefore, inclining her to work harder at creating the best work she can. Her next release, called Royalty, is about a college girl who ends up fighting evil and demons. The reason Laura waited so long to publish her stories was that she was terrified of success, but she's now well over it and regrets nothing."
If you were to say in one word what writing means to you, that'd be?


You largely write suspense novels and I believe it's a very difficult genre considering you have to engage the reader and at the same time not give away the plot direction. How do you tackle this?

It's a delicate balance. I always have to be mindful of the unfolding of the storyline and when the perfect time is to suggest the plot twist. However, I was raised by a grandmother who liked me to tell her everything about everything in life in this manner, so I've has a lot of training.​

What’d satisfy you at the end of the day; a well written chapter(s) or a good book you read?

Oh absolutely a well written chapter. Sometimes I don't mind if that is someone else's well written work, but when it's mine--even better.

What’s your writing routine like? Do you follow a pattern? Also, how do you overcome a writer’s block?

I do an outline to help me not only keep my focus, but when something comes to me I can better see where to put that in the grand scheme of things. I, thankfully, have never had writer's block because I always have several works in progress. What I do get is a need to thoroughly think through a scene with time. At that time I move to another work and when I come back, I've always figured out where the story needs to go. ​

From where do you seek inspiration? Do you think there is any prerequisite for writing?

My inspiration has come from day dreams, sleeping dreams, something I see in real life, and God-given inspiration. I would love to say there is no prerequisite for writing, however, I'm also a publisher and am astounded at the number of people that are not able to construct a simple sentence. So, with that said, I would like to say yes with a caveat. If someone is able to tell a good story, but failed their schooling, either get a ghostwriter or a wonderful, patient Editor. There are a lot of great stories out there. I only wish there were more good writers.

You have diverse set of characters, an Art Authenticator, a Dance Instructor, a Broker and most probably some new exciting ones in your upcoming novels, how do you assign them with their respective roles?

They're all story driven. Deception is about the world lying to the protagonist, so, I thought her profession should be something that is ​someone always looking for frauds. In Rogue the couple begins in mainstream, everyday life. We felt a Dance Instructor would allow our female lead to be physically fit enough for later in the story, but be fairly low-key for everyday life. We needed the male lead to have some way to be low-key, every day life but realistically get tied in with the mob. In my next release it's about a college girl who ends up fighting evil and demons. So, I guess the answer is I end up backing into their roles based on storyline.

Why suspense and crime fiction?​​

It's more exciting to me and therefore, something I want to write. Romance alone just isn't my style. I have some hot scenes in my books, but like life, they're just an aspect of the story, not the focus. Royalty has paranormal along with suspense and action. ​

Fun question : Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym? If yes, what was it? If no, what would it be if you were to have a pen name?

Love this question. ​I haven't written under anything other than my real name, but if I ever pen the seriously erotic novel I've had playing in my head, I probably would. My "religious" friends would disown me for it (rolling my eyes here), so I would write under the pen name​ Dew Mebetter. Aw, darn, now it's out there, so everyone will know it's me. If I hadn't given my erotica pen name to a friend, it would have been IG Nite.

Which authors motivate you? And why?

Janet Evanovich and Sophie Kinsella for their humor, Lee Child for his story telling, JD Robb/Nora Roberts for her characters, ​Karen Kingsbury for her positive inspiration,and Lauren K. Hamilton for her paranormal thrills.

Did publishing your first book change the style of your writing? If yes, how?

It refined me. I realized once it's published, it's out there for everyone's scrutiny. ​More-so, it felt more significant and made me want to be proud of what I was imparting to the world. Therefore, I'm more inclined to work harder at creating the best work I can.

What’s your current project? Do you mind sharing a few snippets?

I'm very excited about my current work. It's called Royalty about a college girl who chooses a college that turns out to be full of evil and demons. After ​becoming saved, she learns how to drive out demons and creates an army. Here's a small excerpt: Rayne was shocked. She covered her mouth with both hands and shook all over. She was aware tears were streaming over her cheeks. She remained silent and fearful at what she was witnessing. She realized if she weren’t seeing this for herself, she’d never believe it. Chris’ father said, “Laus, honor, et adorabunt in conspectu tuo, domine. (All praise, honor and bow before your new master.)” Every person dropped to their knees and placed their foreheads on the ground in front of them.

Lastly, is there any question you always wanted to answer but no one asked? If so, we want to know that and the answer.

Why'd you wait so long to start publishing your stories? My answer is very real and something few struggle with. I was terrified of success. I was given such praise and kudos for what I had done and had not yet published that the thought of being successful froze me in place. That was over twenty years ago. Thankfully, I got over that, but wonder where I'd be now had I not stopped. The book world is very different today. I never regret anything in my life and believe God's timing is perfection. So, here I am and here I'll stay. Thank you for this opportunity. You have done so much for my career and I appreciate you!​

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