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The Secret Submissive is a British Indian author of honest and immersive erotic fiction. Taking inspiration from real-life experiences and desires, her work explores the thrills and plights of young women, as they explore the daunting yet alluring world of BDSM.

The stories within the collection, A Taste of Submission, are quick, one-handed reads which focus wholly on the special relationship between a submissive and her dominant and the ethereal emotive state of an amateur submissive, during a BDSM session.

The Secret Submissive has taken only the very best parts of the tale to be told, ensuring a fast yet sensuous pace and complete gratification along the way.

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A Taste of Submission: The Good Indian Girl
(4) $3.9 kindleeBook,
A Taste of Submission: The Good Indian Girlby The Secret SubmissivePublish: Jun 18, 2018Erotic Romance Dark Romance & Erotica
A Taste of Submission: Discipline Me
(3) $3.11 kindleeBook,
A Taste of Submission: Discipline Meby The Secret SubmissivePublish: Oct 25, 2018Erotic Romance Dark Romance & Erotica
A Taste of Submission: Darkest Kink
$3.21 kindleeBook,
A Taste of Submission: Darkest Kinkby The Secret SubmissivePublish: Jul 22, 2019Erotic Romance Dark Romance & Erotica
A Taste of Submission: The Trilogy
$8.64 kindleeBook,
A Taste of Submission: The Trilogyby Secret SubmissivePublish: Feb 10, 2020Erotic Romance Dark Romance & Erotica

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    • Dalip Shandil Dalip Shandil 1 year ago
    • I Only Have Respect For Those Indian Writers Who Have Both The Guts And The Gumption To Hesitatingly Follow Their Dreams And Chase Their Desires By Stepping Out Of The Closet With Ginger Steps.
      ‘A Taste Of Submission’ Is One Such Tale That Takes A Lot Of Personal Inspiration From The Authors Personal Life That Has Various Shades Of Grey. It Doesn’t Take Too Much To Figure Out That This Book Has Heavy Undertones Almost Like Loose Pages From Her Private Diary.As It Is More Or Less Semi-Autobiographical That Reflects How She Hesitatingly Puts Her Feet Into The BDSM Pool With An Englishman Matt Who’s Old Enough To Be Her Dad..But When The Flesh Is Willing Then Who Cares About Age That Is Nothing More Than Just A Number.
      Between Leena Kumar The Typical ‘Good Indian Girl Living In England With Her (Joint) Family And As Leni The Protagonist Seems To Be Living In Two Opposite Time Zones Almost Simultaneously.
      While Her Conservative Upbringing Does Not Allow Her To Rebel By Crossing The Invisible Line Drawn For Most Single Girls Living With Their Families But Their Desires And Urges Keep Pushing Them In The Forbidden Zone. As The Urge To Do What Their Flesh Craves For Is Rarely Easy To Resist.
      Even The Deep Insights Come Like A Whiff Of Fresh Air That Reflect Maturity Far Beyond Her Age. Don’t Believe Me Then Check Out This Meaningful Excerpt Bang In The Middle Of A Heavy Duty No Holds Barred Don-Sub Session.
      “His Kiss Was So Incredibly Tender And Yet His Grip Was So Firm Like The Marriage Of Cold Creamy Ice Cream With (Pipping) Hot Sticky Pudding!!!” (She Goes On To Add, “ You Can Tell A Lot About A Person, And Definitely, A Lot About A Relationship From A First Kiss. I Don’t Think There Are Such Things As Good Kissers And Bad Kissers. Just Good And Bad Kisses. Good Kisses Suggesting Compatibility!!”
      It Is The Flashes Of Honesty That Shine Through The Dark & Gloomy Clouds Of Suppressed Desires Looming In The Twilight Zone Is What Makes This Such A Captivating Read. Had It All Been Fiction No Matter How Arousing The Book Would Not Have Succeeded In Putting The Reader In Her Comfort Zone To Feel For Her Instead Of Sit And Judge Her For Her Personal Choices She Makes Hesitatingly On One Level But Firmly Too On Another. As She Is Prepared For The Consequences And That Is Perhaps The Greatest Victory The Author Achieves With Her Honest Approach!!!
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      • The Secret Submissive The Secret Submissive 1 year ago
      • I see success in having 100% 5-Star reviews so far - I LOVE that others love my stories. I would consider myself more successful if I was a little more well-known - that's my next step!
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      • The Secret Submissive The Secret Submissive 1 year ago
      • After finally taking the plunge and exploring the world of BDSM, I knew my story was worth sharing! I learnt so much about myself, I needed to commit my experience to paper and the end result was too good not to share. I've been writing now for a full year - it's been a crazy but brilliant one!
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