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Dorothy Rice Bennett
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Retired from careers in mental health and journalism. Began writing as a child but didn't publish novels until retired. Author of 4 lesbian romance novels. Fifth in progress. Live on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State with my partner and two poodles.

Dorothy Rice Bennett Books

North Coast: A Contemporary Love Story
$5.95kindle Free with KUeBook,
North Coast: A Contemporary Love Storyby Dorothy Rice BennettPublish: Dec 07, 2015LGBT
$5.95kindle Free with KUeBook,
GIRLS ON THE RUNby Dorothy Rice BennettPublish: Jan 16, 2017LGBT
The Artemis Adventure
$5.95kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Artemis Adventureby Dorothy Rice BennettPublish: Jan 16, 2018LGBT
$8.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Little Red Barn: An Olympic Romanceby Dorothy BennettPublish: Aug 05, 2019LGBT

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