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I started my amazing journey writing my book which is called, In a Quarter of a second that I am here to talk to you about today. This book was named, In a Quarter of a second as me and my daughter Emily sat down & summarized the contents of the book to decide a suitable name. It is about a group of friends that play space bowling in their home town Landfawcett. A stranger from the market place gives a space bowler friends mother some items for her son & his friends to enjoy as a gift. This gift gives the group of friends a magical experience they never knew existed, travelling 30 years into the future in a Quarter of a second. Their only limit is the sky with a 3D map on their journey to Magictastic with evil, happy places and more on their journey. They have no tattoos to defy their worth. The sky train will deliver them to their final destination. All it could take is a touch on the hand. The rooms decide their fate and their dreams decide their destiny. The pocket watch is all or nothing. Is the pocket watch, eye finger and smart flower enough or is the calming lagoon powerful enough to destroy all evil? The world relies on 1 firework to cure all evil or does the Mad Magician from the Planet Drone change all this. Are you imaginative to discover all of the magical island’s. My next book, The world of present, future and past will be available next year with some of the same magical items, magical places and people, but a totally different magical adventure.

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