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I am a retired lawyer as well as a genealogist, historian, and heritage volunteer who has authored 14 nonfiction books.

In 2021 my book "Canada's Ulster Scots" was reviewed in Familia, the journal of the Ulster Historical Foundation, and described as "This book would make a very presentable and informative gift for Canadians with Ulster relatives and for Ulster folk with Canadian relatives, both of which are legion."

Other popular books by me are "Loyalist History of Nova Scotia" (2020) and "The Royal Black Knights: In Canada" (2021).

My most recent book entitled "The First Church - Old Holy Trinity in Middleton, Nova Scotia" (2023), is about a Nova Scotia heritage property constructed in 1789.

Articles and stories by me have also been published by Celtic Life International, The Loyalist Gazette, The Nova Scotia Genealogist, Historic Nova Scotia, the Ulster - Scots Community Network, and Atlantic Loyalist Connections.

I have volunteered for several community and heritage associations. In 2016 I was presented with a Certificate for Volunteer Service by the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and in 2022 I was honoured to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.

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To Join the Ulster Division
Free kindleeBook, Paperback,
To Join the Ulster Divisionby Brian McConnellPublish: Oct 29, 2022Biographies & Memoirs History
The First Church: Old Holy Trinity in Middleton, Nova Scotia
Free kindleeBook, Paperback,
The First Church: Old Holy Trinity in Middleton, Nova Scotiaby Brian McConnellPublish: May 24, 2023History
Bygone Times & A Sash My Grandfather Wore: Brian McConnell
$3.77 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback,
Bygone Times & A Sash My Grandfather Wore: Brian McConnellby Brian McConnellPublish: Apr 16, 2022History
McConnells From County Monaghan
McConnells From County Monaghanby Brian E. McConnellPublish: Mar 07, 2008History

Brian McConnell Interview On 09, May 2022

"Brian McConnell grew up in the province of Ontario, Canada. As a child, he wanted to be a lawyer when he grew up. He is a retired lawyer, genealogist, and historian. He authored the book "Canada's Ulster-Scots” in 2020. He enjoys long walks outdoors at all times of the year."
Where did grow up? Do you think your background have coloured your writing in any way?

I grew up in the province of Ontario, Canada. My parents moved seven times before I had graduated from high school as my father worked in construction on different sites from as far North as Thunder Bay to Sarnia in the South. This affected my writing in the sense of encouraging an interest in exploring and learning about different places and people.

What is the best response you've ever got for your first story ever?

The best response which has happened on more than one occasion is that the reader was so interested in the subject matter that could not stop reading.

What was your biggest dream as a child? Did it ever come true?

As a child I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. This I did as I practiced law for 35 years before retiring last year. I was writing part - time, when work permitted, while I was a lawyer.

Which was your first article to be published by Celtic Life International?

My first article for Celtic Life International was "The Ulster Scots of Canada". It is online and can be viewed at https://celticlifeintl.com/the-ulster-scots-of-canada/ . This was first published over 15 years ago.

What makes you get out of bed and write everyday? Do you think that an author can be a bestseller if they don't have a passion for writing?

My stories and articles are historical based on information I have learned and I enjoy sharing this. For the most part they are stories that do not appear anywhere else dealing with histories or people that have not been written about.

Which of your characters in "The Loyalists of Digby" is your favorite and why?

Alfred Gilpin Jones. He was born in the town of Weymouth, in Digby County, Nova Scotia and eventually after completing his education in Yarmouth moved to Halifax where he succeeded in business and was elected to high office as a Member of Parliament. Later he was appointed Lieutenant - Governor of Nova Scotia. He also had a strong passion for the heritage of the loyalists and founded the first Loyalist Association in Nova Scotia. I admire his success and passion.

Who and what was your inspiration for your book "Canada's Ulster - Scots?" What were the hardest and easiest parts about writing this book?

My inspiration for "Canada's Ulster - Scots" was my ancestor John Campbell, an Ulster - Scot born in Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland who with his family travelled by ship to Canada in 1847. They built a log home in the wilderness of Ontario where they first settled. He was my second great grandfather. The hardest part of writing the book was to decide what to include as I had been researching it for over 25 years and had a lot of material. Easiest part was beginning as I was very keen to get this done. It is the first comprehensive book ever published on the subject.

What, to you, is an ideal setting or environment for a good writing session?

The setting must be private and quiet; away from any interruptions. I have a room in my home where I work and this is possible. It also has a large window with a view outside that lets in lots of natural light which also has a calming effect.

What is one thing that has changed after being an author? Do you miss anything?

I do not think anything has changed dramatically with me since I began writing over 25 years ago while I was still working as a lawyer. In time I began to write more and when I retired was able to publish more. Discipline in working and writing is very important however it was a skill I already learned from being a lawyer.

What are some common mistakes young writers tend to make?

My most common mistake is wanting to publish before thoroughly completing a review of work as I am anxious to share with others.

How do you come up with character names?

As I write nonfiction I use real names.

How do you spend “quality time” with yourself?

I enjoy long walks outdoors all times of the year. As I live in a rural area of Nova Scotia I can sometimes enjoy seeing wildlife on my walks. In the summer I also like to swim.

What are you currently working on? When can we expect your next book?

I have been researching the life story of an Ulsterman who survived the conflict of World War One then immigrated to Canada. This may be released in Fall 2022. It is called "To Join the Ulster Division".

What book ideas are you currently working on? How has your experience at AllAuthor been?

Other ideas I have relate to biographies of Nova Scotians who are not famous and yet perhaps should be for the inspiring and philanthropic lives that they lived. AllAuthor has been good for me as it has encouraged me to focus more on promotion of my writing and the importance of letting others know what is the subject of my books.

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