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I am a wife, a mother and an imaginist. I love to travel and have lived the world over. Because of this, the characters in my books live out their pain, their crimes, their fantasies and their sensual eccentricities in the many corners of our planet.
“Rayan Soloman, you wreck the trivial ordinariness that plagues my waking hours; that is a good thing. Then at night you march into my dreams and give me your all, and that is compelling proof heaven exists. That is the best."
"Are we doomed?" Secretly, Fia wonders why this gorgeous man diminishes her joy by rising in the morning and leaving her lost? Her stunning new lover simply up and flies away to risk his precious life at playing shadowy espionage in wretched and grubby war zones. That sucks.
The first book in my series 'The Knights of Seduction Series' is called 'IMMACULATE FIRE'. It is about Rayan and his woman FIRE, Fia Evans. I hope you like their story. It’s a little bit of lighthearted fun I played around with in between being a slightly glam house mom and care-for-all.
Claudia Vincetti

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Perfectly Lethal (The Knights Of Seduction Series)
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Perfectly Lethal (The Knights Of Seduction Series)by Claudia VincettiPublish: Jun 26, 2019Contemporary Romance
IMMACULATE FIRE (Knights of Seduction Series)
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
IMMACULATE FIRE (Knights of Seduction Series)by Claudia VincettiPublish: Aug 22, 2017Series: Knights of SeductionContemporary Romance

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  • Knights of Seduction

    IMMACULATE FIRE (Knights of Seduction Series) - Published on Aug, 2017

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