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CL Walters

As a kid, CL Walters, world revolved around two things: stories and make believe. She's built a real life around those two things: a teacher of stories and a writer of make believe.

Walters attended a high school in a small town in Oregon and college in a smaller town in Oregon which gifted her with treasures to fill her creative reservoir and most importantly, afforded her the ability to meet her life's partner. They married, and Walters followed her husband from Oregon to Hawaii (it was that or forgo the marriage).

She has two children, and several furry kids.

Walters says, "I read and write everyday."

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The Stories Stars Tell
$5.49 kindleeBook,
The Stories Stars Tellby CL WaltersPublish: Oct 13, 2020
Swimming Sideways, Cantos Chronicles Book #1
Swimming Sideways, Cantos Chronicles Book #1by CL WaltersPublish: Mar 31, 2020Series: Cantos ChroniclesTeen & Young Adult
The Letters She Left Behind
Free with KUPaperback,
The Letters She Left Behindby CL WaltersPublish: May 07, 2019Romantic Suspense

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  • Cantos Chronicles

    1 Swimming Sideways, Cantos Chronicles Book #1 - Published on Mar, 2020

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      • CL Walters CL Walters 2 years ago
      • I started writing when I was a child; the first story I remember writing for an audience I was 9. It was about this War Veteran riding the bus to meet his war buddy on a designated day. The man reflected on their friendship and the plan to meet, and when he got to the location, he was at the cemetery at his friend's headstone. I remember reading it to my mom who cried, and I was hooked.
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