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Horace Crenshaw, Jr.

Horace Crenshaw, Jr. received his B.S. Degree in Political Science in 1994 from Tuskegee University. He went on to receive a M.A. Degree in International Relations from Webster University in 1999 and a Master Certificate in Project Management from The George Washington University. Currently, he is a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserves. His accomplishments and achievements while serving as a Commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom have been chronicled in Marquis' Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, and the 2007 Who's Who of Emerging Leaders (First Edition). He is married to Rhonda L.Crenshaw and they reside in Stafford, VA. Also, he has one daughter, Nilah I. Crenshaw who lives in Atlanta, GA.

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Hap: The Prize Winning Horse
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Hap: The Prize Winning Horseby Horace Crenshaw Jr.Publish: Nov 08, 2019Christian Fiction

Horace Crenshaw, Jr. interview On 26, Sep 2016

"Horace Crenshaw, Jr. is a lieutenant colonel in US army reserves has written a memoir about his first deployment in Iraq, 2003. He comes from an educated family, currently lives in Stafford, Virginia with his wife and dog. Writing for his school newspaper as sports contributor was his first experience in public writing. Horace loves travelling, sports especially golf, basketball, football and also has played football in school. He has younger brother who is also an author is the first one to read his draft.
Horace is currently working on his second book titled “hap: the prize winning horse” was a part of modern warfare’s most overlooked mission. And it is great to have him here at Quotesrain. "
Tell us about your life and your struggles.

Originally, I am from a small city called Meridian, Mississippi. I come from an educated family, both my parents were school teachers. My dad was a high school football coach, physical education and a health teacher. I have one brother, who is also an author. Now, I live in Stafford, Virginia with my wife of 11 years and our dog, Bo (a Shih Tzu). We have one daughter who is a junior in college. I love sports especially golf, basketball, and football. Also, I really enjoying meeting new people and traveling to new places. My upbringing in Mississippi was fraught with me trying to impress my father and the society I found myself a part of. I knew I had to live up to my father’s reputation and society’s expectations, but I was at a total loss at how to actually make my mark on the world. My faith and determination led me to find hope in the simplest of places, and I transformed myself into a powerhouse of leadership and became part of one of modern warfare’s most over-looked yet fascinating operations.

How passionate are you about writing?

Actually, there were several events and people that inspired me to become an author. Interestingly, I wrote for my school newspaper, The Wildcat, as a sports contributor. This was my first experience writing for the public. Ironically, I was on the football team and track/field team so I had a unique perspective. My mother and younger brother were really influential in my pursuit of becoming an author as well.

How long have you been writing and what inspired you to become a writer?

Actually, there were several events and people that inspired me to become a writer/ author. Interestingly, I wrote for my school newspaper, The Wildcat, as a sports contributor. This was my first experience writing for the public. Ironically, I was on the football team and track/field team so I had a unique perspective. My mother and younger brother were really influential in my pursuit of becoming an author as well.

How did you get the idea for your first book?

Actually, I wrote the outline for Blowing Sandstorm during my first deployment in Iraq in 2003. We were going through such a tumultous period and I just had to write about it. However, when I returned back home to the United States, I put the manuscript away in a footlocker and saved it also on the hard drive of my laptop. About a year ago, I was in a period of transition in my life and I had time to reflect on my experiences in life. With God’s help, I reflected on how I was able to persevere in the midst of difficult circumstances as a commander of an Army Reserve Petroleum Unit during the initial stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. So, I decided to finish my book that I had written the outline for back in 2003. Thus, Blowing Sandstorm was created.

While choosing a name for your character, what aspects do you consider that determines what you finally call them?

For my memoir, Blowing Sandstorm, each character are actual, real life individuals that shaped my life experiences.

Do authors in general and you in particular plan series beforehand or do they just happen?

For me, most of my series are spontaneous and they just happen as I think of them. That’s the creative nature that I am blessed with possessing.

How do you choose which stories to tell?

I choose stories based on inspiration and whether or not the story will impact, affect others.

Do you ever get writer’s block?

No. I have never gotten writer’s block. However, I must admit that while writing my second, upcoming book, Hap: the Prize Winning Horse, I have been delayed in writing based on thoughts.

Do you have a “reader” in mind while writing?

Yes. I do have a reader in mind when I write. When I wrote, Blowing Sandstorm, I thought of those that have endured struggle, challenging situations. I wanted to impart how to have positive belief when we encounter a terrible, bad situation.

Who is the first person to read the first draft of your books?

The first person that read my first book was my brother who is also an author.

How do you get reviews? Which was the best review you ever got?

Normally, I have gotten reviews in many ways. I have gotten them through working with marketing firms and interviews. The best review that I received was from Ms. Ginae B. McDonald. Her comments on Blowing Sandstorm were “For those of us who need hope, who are in one bad situation after another, who think that we are alone, here on earth, this is for whom the book was written. It was written for those amongst us who are smart enough to look forward and ahead and plow anyway. It was written for the soldier, for the individual, for the hopeless.”

What does the word “story” signifies for you?

For me, the word “story” means a lot of things. It is the basic knowledge, circumstances in life that I have experienced, personally. Actually, it is a vivid picture that defines a person through a magnificent set of qualities, characteristics, and instances.

Do you think an author should be bound by Genre?

No. I think an author needs to be flexible in their writing based on style, feelings, and inspiration. Being bound by a specific Genre stymies flexibility.

Are you currently working on anything?

Yes. I am working on my second book. It is entitled, Hap: the Prize Winning Horse. Currently, the book is in a series for Channillo.

Do you have a special time or place for writing?

Yes. I have a special place for writing. It’s in my basement.

How do you promote your work? How will Quotes Rain help you in your book promotion and sales, would you like to refer this platform to your author friends?

I have promoted most of my work through social media (Twitter, Facebook). Occasionally, I have used other sources such as local newspapers, magazines, radio interviews, etc. Quotes Rain will be a great source in increasing my book’s exposure and sales, hopefully. I am really excited about the potential that this new marketing resource will bring.

Would you like to share something with your readers and fans?

Thanks tremendously for your continued support and encouragement. Writing is difficult and a hard business. You don’t always get the results that you expected once a book is published (as many of us have learned), but through encouragement and support from fans it makes it all worthwhile.

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