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I'm a retired biologist who spent years studying rare plants and small mammals, and taking college students on semester-long field study expeditions into the wild parts of the world. I live in Idaho with my husband and Shelties.

Besides writing fiction, I've published a number of papers in scientific journals, and I discovered a new species of desert freshwater shrimp. I was the National Guard's Conservationist of the Year in 2010. I enjoy having the settings in my books be important to the story, and I include wild plants and animals that actually exist in those places.

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$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Scavenger 1: The Place (Scavenger Series)by Dana Stewart QuinneyPublish: Dec 11, 2017Series: ScavengerTeen & Young Adult
Scavenger 2: Journey
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Scavenger 2: Journeyby Dana Stewart QuinneyPublish: Jan 08, 2018Series: ScavengerTeen & Young Adult
Shrimp: Scavenger 3
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Shrimp: Scavenger 3by Dana Stewart QuinneyPublish: Mar 24, 2019Series: ScavengerTeen & Young Adult
Wildflower Girl
Wildflower Girlby Dana Stewart QuinneyBiographies & Memoirs
Bay: Scavenger 4
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Bay: Scavenger 4by Dana Stewart QuinneyPublish: Jan 15, 2020Series: Scavenger
Wildflower Girl: A Lifelong Journey Beyond the Trail
$6.99 kindleeBook,
Wildflower Girl: A Lifelong Journey Beyond the Trailby Dana Stewart QuinneyPublish: May 31, 2019
Scavenger Series (4 Book Series)
$16.96 kindleeBook,
Scavenger Series (4 Book Series)by Dana Stewart Quinney

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      • Dana Stewart Quinney Dana Stewart Quinney 1 month ago
      • I don't know about the awareness, but I think "literary art" has gone astray. Literary writing and praise for such now seems mostly about being a social warrior and little about quality writing and cracking good stories. It's sad. I recently read a novel highly praised by critics as "lyrical," and "unforgettably moving." Chapter 1: details of horrific child abuse. Chapter 2: same. Chapter 3: same. Etc. Ending? No resolution. The writing? Rife with errors and structurally boring. Sigh. But I think the tide will turn eventually.
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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 1 month ago
    • Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?
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      • Dana Stewart Quinney Dana Stewart Quinney 1 month ago
      • Several years ago my senior technician, Jay Weaver, and I were in the Idaho desert hand seeding native shrubs back into a damaged area. We stopped to look in a playa (desert lakebed, usually dry) because this time it had water in it. We collected some strange-looking creatures, and later discovered that they were a species of predatory freshwater shrimp unknown to science! We partnered with two other biologists and described our new species. Wish I could add a photo! I incorporated this discovery into Book 3 of the SCAVENGER Series, SHRIMP.
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