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Ginny Sterling

Ginny Sterling is an avid romance writer. She lives to tell sweet, inspirational, tender tales that tug at the heart- leaving the reader smiling, laughing or crying. She favors writing western or contemporary books - several of which- are included in The Lawkeepers Series, Disaster City Search & Rescue, and her own series Healing Hearts . Ginny is a co-creator of Playing for Keeps with Jenna Brandt and Jo Grafford.

Growing up, Ginny traveled extensively visiting family, seeing the sights, and learning that everything in life worth having revolves around love, faith and home. Having lived in several different parts of the United States, she and her family have settled in Kentucky. When not at work, she spends all of her free time writing, quilting, or shopping for coffee mugs to add to her collection.

Writing under an alternate pen name, Gina Cole, she dabbles in a fantasy world that whisks you away from the daily doldrums of reality with steamy contemporary and time travel romances. Her Bride Series throws fate to the wind, bringing together two hearts...whereas her Timeless Brides series is more like a crash course in life, somewhere in the past, with a Hunka-hunka burning love.

Each book written is sure to be an adventure designed to bring laughter and love to your heart!


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Lawfully Freed: Inspirational Christian Contemporary: A S.W.A.T. Lawkeeper Romance
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Lawfully Freed: Inspirational Christian Contemporary: A S.W.A.T. Lawkeeper Romanceby Ginny SterlingPublish: Aug 28, 2018Crime Fiction Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense Romance Women's Fiction Christian Fiction more»
Lawfully Mine: Inspirational Christian Historical (A Bounty Hunter Lawkeeper Romance)
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Lawfully Mine: Inspirational Christian Historical (A Bounty Hunter Lawkeeper Romance)by Ginny SterlingPublish: May 15, 2018Series: The LawkeepersHistorical Romance Romance Western Romance Christian Fiction
Romancing the Fangirl
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Romancing the Fangirlby Gina ColePublish: Mar 09, 2017Contemporary Romance Romance Women's Fiction
Redeemed Hearts (a Contemporary love storySteamy)
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Redeemed Hearts (a Contemporary love storySteamy)by Gina ColePublish: Jan 22, 2016Series: Sweet Heat Rising (a Contemporary love story/Steamy)Contemporary Romance Romance Erotic Romance

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  • The Lawkeepers

    Lawfully Mine: Inspirational Christian Historical (A Bounty Hunter Lawkeeper Romance) - Published on May, 2018
  • Sweet Heat Rising (a Contemporary love story/Steamy)

    Redeemed Hearts (a Contemporary love story/Steamy) - Published on Jan, 2016

Ginny Sterling interview On 11, Aug 2018

"Avid romance writer, Ginny Sterling grew up in a tiny town south of Dallas, Texas called Cedar Hill. She has probably about 200 coffee mugs or more that fill six kitchen cabinets. Thanking her husband for his patience, Ginny's favorite mug is a Starbucks mug given to her by her husband that he bought online from Kyoto. The author adores the escapism while reading or writing romance but she also wants to write a Regency or perhaps another time travel book. Ginny chose her pen name to be Gina Cole because Ginny/Gina are very similar, so that was an easy choice for her and Cole is her husband's call sign when he plays his video games, so its a nod to the wonderful man that supports her in everything she does. Ginny relates to the character of Cindy the most who is a Starbucks fiend and has a soft spot for her man, just like her. Ginny advises all the young writers to write a story that YOU love and nurture it."
Where was your childhood spent? What were the things you loved when you were a kid?

I grew up in a tiny town south of Dallas, Texas called Cedar Hill. I remember how it first looked so long ago when we moved there from Maryland. I'd never seen anything like it. There were fields and fields of bluebonnets, massive farms fenced with barbwire and patches of cactus. I remember thinking how strange it was to see so much open space. We had a laundromat, a gas station, the local bank and an IGA grocery. That was it.

One thing I remember was riding my bike through the tall grasses like a mad fiend (how I never got bit by anything, I will never know!) and picking up crawdad's in the creek behind the highschool. Friday night football games were the thing to do in town. It was quiet, sleepy, and simply wonderful.

How many mugs do you have in your collection? Which is your favorite?

Whoa... its shameful. Bless my husband, he never says a word and I love him to pieces for his patience. I have probably about 200 coffee mugs or more. Its filled six kitchen cabinets and I even have a box in the garage. I can't explain why I adore them so much, but they have to be 'just right' for me. The mug has to fit my hand and have appeal. My favorite is a Starbucks mug given to me by my husband that he bought online from Kyoto. He told me "someday I am going to take you there" - so each time I drink from it, I think of him.

Name a few places where you have lived in United States? If you had to pick a favorite, which one would it be?

Cedar Hill, Texas
Gurnee, Illinois
Virginia Beach, VA
Jacksonville, Florida
Louisville, Kentucky

All are breathtakingly beautiful with a fun element to each city. In Gurnee, it was a hop/skip/jump to Chicago to explore. In Jacksonville, the beaches called to me and I was there every chance I got. In Kentucky, I adore how the city comes to life each spring in all its regalia for the Derby.

In the story "Beloved Texas Bride", what would you have done with the sexy Texan who came to the rescue? Would you have fallen for him or run back home?

Hmmm, excellent question! I'm pretty independent and a bit hardheaded, so I'd say that I would probably stay there in Texas but have laid some ground rules with our handsome Texan.

What do you enjoy the most about reading and writing romance? Do you wish to write in some other genre some day?

I adore the escapism. I can lose myself in a story and all my worries fall behind me. I enjoy reading books that make me laugh or smile, so I try to throw a bit of humor in my books. Someday, I want to write a Regency or perhaps another timetravel book.

If you could travel in time like your characters, which time of your life- past or future would you travel to?

Definately the past! I like my modern gadgets and air conditioning, but I think there is something invigorating about the 1800's and 1900's. The beauty of their clothing and the delicate, graceful mannerisms of the ladies are stunning. I look at photos of that time and think of how refined they look. There is an element of peacefulness that simply underlying - and I like it.

Why did you choose your pen name to be Gina Cole? How difficult it is to write contemporary romance?

Ginny/Gina are very similar, so that was an easy choice for me. I wanted it to be easy to remember and near my own name. Cole is my husband's call sign when he plays his video games, so its a nod to the wonderful man that supports me in everything I do. Writing contemporary is honestly pretty easy for me. I like how I can google, uber, wiki, order, etc and there is so much deus-ex-machina you can throw into it, simply to make a scene fit- it's fun. For example, if you were writing a scene and the lights went out? There is matches, candles, flashlight - or there is an app for that! But if you were writing a historical piece and the lights went out? It's bedtime or you sat there until you got a candle and flint set. :)

Which of the ‘Bride Books’ heroines is your favorite and why? What or who was the inspiration behind the character, Susanna Miller?

I adored Colleen from A Perfect Bride. She was so spunky and prickly in her temperment but she had to keep it under wraps. I liked that she grew into herself and grew as a character as the story progressed.

Susanna Miller from Sweet Rebel Bride started out based off a folksong, Oh Susanna! I wanted a woman whose personality was devloped and shaped as she grew up during the Civil War. Her beau in the book, Josiah Rutherford, was actually a name selected by the winner of a Christmas Contest for Pioneer Hearts Readers group on Facebook a few years ago. Patricia had suggested the name and I thought "Wow! What a debonair name for a gentleman," and the story blossomed from there.

The Lawkeepers is a multi-author series. How was your experince of working with these authors? Which of the Lawkeeper Romance books was the most fun to write?

The Lawkeeper authors are simpy amazing! I can't tell you how much I have grown to adore them. I was invited to join their group by Jenna Brandt and after writing the first book, talking with the women and seeing the beliefs in the books- I was hooked! I have never written inspirational romance before and now I find myself craving the next story. The Lawkeepers Series actually puts out a book every two weeks, so they are keeping my Kindle quite full - hahaha! I have three more books on the horizon with them and just signed up for a fourth to be published this year.

A Perfect Bride was selected as the book of the month on a wonderful Facebook page that discusses Historical Romance and Western Romance books. What brought to you the idea of Colleen’s character in ‘A Perfect Bride’?

Wasn't that awesome? I was so surprised and touched when I was selected! I fell in love with the story and the characters, but sometimes you never know how a story will go over. I wanted to write a book touching on American History, something that I hadn't seen much of. I decided upon the Trail of Tears timeperiod and was shocked at the situations the people came across. It was eyeopening and humbling - and I think that was how I developed Colleen's character. I wanted her to be a strong woman facing challenges and rising above them. She was strong, but instead of it breaking her down- she flourished and became beloved by a man that was inspired by her.

Which of your women characters do you relate the most to? Who would you like to meet in person?

In my book, Lawfully Challenged, I am Cindy through and through. Late alot, hard headed, dedicated and driven - ask my husband. I am a workoholic. Cindy is a Starbucks fiend and has a soft spot for her man, just like me <3

I'd like to meet Maggie Davies from my next book, Fallen Bride. I'd probably like to pull her aside and tell her to quit being so darn naive/gullable. Sheesh! That was a tough book to write for me. It's hard to crush someone's spirit in order to prepare them for their future. Poor Maggie really goes through alot and I don't envy her in the slightest.

Which is the next book due for release? Are you finished writing it? I have TWO books coming out August 28th: Fallen Bride and Lawfully Freed. Fallen Bride is the story of a young woman that falls so far there is nowhere left to go. The story begins in London and lands her in the wilds of Texas just before the Revolution.

Lawfully Freed is a contemporary book from the Lawkeepers series. This book is an inspirational SWAT book with a tough of tenderness and love. I adore the idea of a prince charming rescuing a damsel in distress <3

One of your books you will suggest your readers to read. Why?

Lawfully Yours or Lawfully Mine - A Brother/Sister duo each get their very own stories of how they each fall in love with their Lawkeepers. The siblings are wanted thiefs with morals that get pushed entirely too far. Its tender, touching with several laugh out loud moments. The twist at the end of Lawfully Yours (to me) is spectacular and carries into Lawfully Mine - but each book stands alone too.

Were there any fears/doubts while writing your first book? What advice would you give to the young writers?

Can I do this? Will it be terrible? What if no one reads it? What if its horrible? What if, what if, what if.... Self doubt is killer. My advice would be to write a story that YOU love and nurture it. Get the story out, then focus on crafting it and weaving your tale. Sometimes the hardest part is getting the story out of your brain and onto paper.

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