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The author, ig Oliver, has worked all around the world as a chef. Born in rural Northamptonshire in the 60’s with three siblings and hardworking parents. Finishing his school years in Leicestershire and then catering college in Derbyshire continuing his young working career in the surrounding restaurants and hotels. He then moved to London securing work for King Hussain of Jordan in the 90’s in Palace gardens, but declined an offer to work in their palace in Aqaba. He was later offered work in Switzerland America and Europe cooking and working for various celebrities, Palaces Chateau’s and Embassy’s for the likes of Asher Edelman the real Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall street portrayed by Michael Douglas. Then cooking for Kirk Douglas later through Lord Hanson, Brigadier Landon the White Sheik, Lord Heseltine, The American Embassy Geneva, Prime ministers’ presidents’ politicians and many of the Royal Family. By this time in the late 90’s working as House manager and executive chef in Moscow Russia overseeing the catering of the first state visit by HRH Elizabeth 2nd in Moscow. Afterwards receiving an award in the Kremlin by the queen.
He continues his work as a chef today and has proved himself to be a world class chef, but now he puts pen to paper to apply a skill he has kept on the backburner for most of his career as a chef. Although having done many fine oil paintings and portraits in his spare time, he now uses these skills to draw up his own beautiful illustrations to help tell the stories he has so well conjured up through his remarkable imagination and experience.

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(2) $4.45 kindleeBook, Paperback,
The Butterfly Bee Lady - Part 2by ig OliverPublish: May 30, 2019Series: The Butterfly Bee ladyFantasy Teen & Young Adult Children's
(1) $4.61 kindleeBook,
The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Beeby ig OliverPublish: Oct 28, 2017Series: The Butterfly Bee ladyFantasy Teen & Young Adult Children's

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  • The Butterfly Bee lady

    The Butterfly Bee Lady - Part 2 - Published on May, 2019 The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee - Published on Oct, 2017

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    The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee


Ig Oliver interview On 23, Jan 2020

"Ig Oliver has worked all around the world as a chef and has proved himself to be a world-class chef. His daughter inspired him to start writing at the age of 51 when he wrote down a new bedtime story for her and did the illustrations. The Butterfly BeeLady and The Bee by first-time author, Ig Oliver, is a lovely story about family, friends, love and making sacrifices to protect others."
Born in rural Northamptonshire, which is your favorite childhood memory while growing up with three siblings?

This is a great question, it really got me thinking, in fact it took me on a journey back in time, to places I had forgotten and also not thought about for a while, so the question made me think hard as I had to sypher through memories to answer it, which in turn dug up even more old memories of people and places and emotions, so this question took a long time to answer, as I went off down memory lane. I suppose the best memory I have with my three sisters were when we all were together, I would be about eight and my eldest sister seventeen or so, all sitting around the dinning room table with Mum and Dad. I suppose because it was rare times, when we were all together as a family as my father did shifts and the age differences between us as children.

How has been your experience of working as House manager and executive chef in Moscow Russia?

Well my experience in Russia will probably be another book, my Memoirs ‘LOL’ But it did leave a memory of something special, sometimes surreal and a real, hard hitting and fun. I remember the day the new Ambassador took over from the previous Ambassador, I had already been there nearly three years as house manager. I had requested before I went to Russia that I should be aloud to mix with the local population freely and to have relationships, even though I had diplomatic cover. So, I did go out and find a girlfriend and I travelled and visited many places in Russia. However, I was the only staff member aloud to do this at this time 1993. The new ambassador 1996 asked me not long after he arrived if there was anything, I could tell him that could improve the overall British embassy’s community’s welfare, the staff! I said to him, it would be nice if they too could mix more freely with the Russians and learn more about them and their society and yes have relationships. I forgot about what I said, until the ambassador gave his inauguration speech a few weeks later to all Embassy and officials at his welcoming reception. His last part of his speech, was, ‘I do give permission for British embassy staff to have relationships with Russians, there was an almighty cheer. He then said except for the political department. Many things changed thereafter; I’ll leave that to your imagination.

What inspired you to become a writer? At what age did you write your first book?

In Brief, my daughter. She asked me to tell her a new bedtime story, so I did, I then wrote it down for her and did the illustrations, I was 51.

What was your reaction on receiving an award in the Kremlin by the queen?

Surprise mostly and then turning to shock when I was standing in front of her. Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Phillipe. All dressed in their refinery and full royal dress, and on top of that, my award was given inside the kremlin. It was one of the surreal moments from question 2. I could never top this moment in my career…Well actually equally another moment involving the Queen which was just as surreal, but that’s another story.

What inspired you to write the book ‘The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee’? What is this book about?

My inspiration for writing this book was like I said before, my daughter asked me to tell her a new bedtime story, it was a spur of the moment thought and I invented the character Belliza, The Butterfly Bee lady, a magical adventure about the very first Butterfly and the very first ever magic, a story of love, family, adventure and loss, Hero’s and the life cycle of butterflies and other creatures some good some bad, but with the magic at it’s own beginning in the story’s past times, and how it got to where it is now in the books timeline. A long time ago the earth, the insect world was ruled by the only flying creatures, Dragonflies (Fact) In the rule of these creatures at a time in their history, were two Queens who shared the rule, the dynasty. Twin sisters Sindeena and Belliza. One day Belliza found a Living Pollen Crystal stone, the first ever magic created long before, but during an argument with her sister Sindeena, Belliza dropped the Stone, it shattered engulfing her in the magic pollen, and changed her, Changed her into something new, the first ever butterfly with beautiful coloured wings, but for some magical reason with coloured cloths of a Bee, Hence her name the butterfly bee lady. In her fury Sindeena banishes her as a sorcerer.

What is "The Butterfly Bee Lady" about? Who is Belliza and what is her dilemma?

In Book one. The Butterfly Bee lady and the Bee. Belliza meets a honey bee called Bramley-Bee, they become trusted friends. During the beginning of the story Belliza reveals to Bramley-Bee she has had 91 eggs, babies and to his surprise Belliza ask’s him to care for her children. Unknown to Bramley, Belliza is being pursued by Sindeena who has vowed to destroy her and all that she has changed in the world using the magic pollen she possesses. Reluctantly Bramley agrees and is left in charge while Belliza disappears and creates a diversion away from Bramley and her children, however all does not go as planned. As the story unfolds Belliza’s children grow under the supervision of Bramley and one of the caterpillars grows up as a leader a princess and decides to call herself Bee after her adopted father Bramley-Bee, but questions begin to arise in Bee’s mind who she really is? This is revealed more in part 2 of the trilogy. Bramley and Bee go on an adventure to escape the traps of life set before them, and the dark forces that start to close in.

What inspired the plot and storyline for ‘The Butterfly Bee Lady’?

I remember at school during our history lesson and on the news that a fossil had been found and remembering seeing pictures of it, it was believed to be the first ever flying insect/creature from prehistoric times. An imprint of a dragonfly showing its wings, believed to be the first ever flying insect. I have also always believed in the magic of pollen as a main creator of most living things on this planet, and how it has played its part in our evolution and creations of plants and creatures.

What do you do when you get an idea for a book? Do you write it out immediately, or do you wait for it to incubate in your head for a while?

I jot down notes and let them incubate over time, creating a pathway in my mind to where the story and imagination must go, with the help of drawings.

What is the sweetest fan-mail/compliment that you have received for your writing? Which book was it for?

The Butterfly Bee lady and the Bee, received this letter, it was the time taken out to do this which was so nice.

How often do you find time for doing oil paintings and portraits?

It’s been a while since I picked up an oil brush, maybe ten years or more. Work family and writing seems to take up most of my time now, but I will do more over the next few years, it’s just an enjoyable hobby and helped immensely with the design of my book illustrations. Although I did do a drawing recently for my friends 50 th Birthday.

What is the one thing about being a writer that you absolutely love?

Freedom, escape, imagination put to use and seeing smiles on peoples face when they tell me they loved my books, well that’s more than one thing. I suppose shrinking them into one thing would equal happiness.

If you could bring to life one character from all of your books, who would it be and why?

If I could bring one character to life? Which one would I choose? That’s hard, I’d want them all. But I did make a Bramley Bee Mascot, the kids love him.

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Well that’s a question, I’ve had many adventures whilst on my travels. I once drove a Rolls Royce Silver shadow down the Mountain road from Gstaad Switzerland, in a white out blizzard with millionaire clients in the back.

But my travels across Russia were a real adventure and working on a private yacht as a chef in the Mediterranean was fun especially when we collided with an oil tanker.

What are you currently working on?

Currently working on part three of the Butterfly Bee lady Trilogy, the Final.

When did you first stumble upon AllAuthor and what were your first impressions? Have your opinions changed since?

I stumbled on AllAuthor last year, best thing that happened to me using media, really helped me in many ways, especially with connecting and designing. The magic tool is so useful - Gif maker and banners are a real plus, connecting with other member authors has been a great way to get noticed through easily accessible media platforms. I was really impressed with how easy it was to use and help me through the muddle of book media.

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(2) $4.45 kindleeBook, Paperback,
The Butterfly Bee Lady - Part 2by ig OliverPublish: May 30, 2019Series: The Butterfly Bee ladyFantasy Teen & Young Adult Children's
ig Oliver ig Oliver
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