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Judi’s software consulting work has taken her all over the world even out to the Marshall Islands where she flew to work each day. Her bookshelves are filled with photographs and journals that capture her experiences and feed her imagination as she writes. But her roots and true inspiration come from New England, in the mountains of Vermont and by her childhood beaches of Wellfleet on Cape Cod.

In 2011, she began her writing journey with three published travel articles on Ireland, The Many Faces of Ireland, followed by a short story, Safe Harbor, published in July 2012. Then, inspired by the death of her sister in 2015, Judi wrote and published two children's books, "Fiona - the Lighthouse Firefly" and "Fiona the Firefly - LOST!” both titles available on Amazon, the proceeds of which feed a scholarship fund that Judi set up in her sister’s name. Scholarships are being awarded to students studying Business and Technology.

In her spare time, Judi is a professional watercolorist, reads, walks, gardens, and enjoys family and friends. But wherever she is, her characters and their magical worlds fill her mind.

Judi has been involved with writers’ groups for years, has taken Creative Writing at FAU, and has worked with authors in workshops whenever possible. She’s also an editor for Wiley’s technical magazine, Journal of Software: Evolution and Process.

Her debut novel (She’s Not You - a mystery with a splash of romance), has received excellent reviews…

"She's Not You is a taut, engaging mystery that plays out against the vividly observed beauty of Cape Cod. A perfect beach read." Heidi Jon Schmidt, author of The House on Oyster Creek.

“Seriously, I loved the story, it’s twists & turns and the ending leaving room for book 2 which I will await anxiously !”

“I was engrossed & couldn’t put it down!”

“It built up in mystery and emotion and certainly was tense at the finish.”

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She's Not You
$4.99 kindleeBook,
She's Not Youby Judi Getch BrodmanPublish: Apr 15, 2018Mysteries Romantic Suspense
The Looking Glass Labyrinth
$6.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Looking Glass Labyrinthby Judi Getch BrodmanPublish: Oct 14, 2018Historical Mysteries Historical Romance Romantic Suspense Time Travel Romance
Broken Christmas Promise
$1.49 kindleeBook,
Broken Christmas Promiseby Judi Getch BrodmanPublish: Nov 30, 2019Contemporary Romance Women's Fiction
Dark Secrets
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Dark Secretsby Judi Getch BrodmanPublish: Jul 15, 2019Mysteries Romantic Suspense

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