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Peter Kingsmill is the author of the Awan Lake mystery series. Peter is a recipient of the Governor General’s Conservation Award (Canada) and the founder of the Redberry Lake (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve in Saskatchewan. When he is not writing novels, he serves as publications editor with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and works as a consultant on regional development projects. Peter joined Crime Writers of Canada as a Professional Author Member in 2018.

Peter has been a frequent writer and editor since leaving high-school in Montreal and college in Vermont. He recently retired from many years as a riverboat captain and owner of a small-waters marine services business, and has worked at an eclectic mix of tasks which include logger, trucker and cattle farmer. He is passionate about Canada’s rural spaces and has served two terms as Mayor in his home community of Hafford, where he lives with his wife Valerie.

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Sunset at 20:47 (Awan Lake Book 1)
$6.09 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Sunset at 20:47 (Awan Lake Book 1)by Peter KingsmillPublish: Oct 06, 2018Crime Fiction Mysteries
Nobody Drowned (Awan Lake Series Book 2)
$5.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Nobody Drowned (Awan Lake Series Book 2)by Peter KingsmillPublish: Apr 01, 2019Series: Awan LakeCrime Fiction
The Awan Lake Experiment
$5.99 kindleeBook,
The Awan Lake Experimentby Peter KingsmillPublish: Jun 29, 2020

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  • Awan Lake

    Nobody Drowned (Awan Lake Series Book 2) - Published on Apr, 2019

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      • Peter Kingsmill Peter Kingsmill 11 months ago
      • "Somewhere north-east of Midland and north-west of Smith Falls in Ontario, there is a village called Spirit River on the north shore of Awan Lake. A few hundred people live there; some work at the copper mine, some work at the marina, some fall in love and some may even commit murder." So Awan Lake and its surrounding towns and villages are really just a figment of my imagination, based on childhood memories from time spent on Big Rideau Lake near Portland and Westport in Ontario. And some readers and reviewers say my novels are somehow reminiscent of Midsommer Murders, the British series of cozy mysteries, but with a distinctly Canadian edge. But in any case, the books are full of situations, activities and challenges that have been part of my "real" life. Fiction is the glue that holds the stories together, but reality is not far distant!
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