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I have been a full-time author since 2012, having spent the previous 22 years working as an editor in the publishing industry. I currently live in Lincolnshire, UK.

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$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Parthian (Parthian Chronicles Book 1)by Peter DarmanPublish: May 29, 2011Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
$0.99 kindleeBook,
The Sword Brothers (Crusader Chronicles Book 1)by Peter DarmanPublish: Sep 27, 2013Series: Crusader ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
$4.6 kindleeBook,
The Black Sheep (Catalan Chronicles Book 1)by Peter DarmanPublish: Dec 16, 2019Series: Catalan ChroniclesAction & Adventure Historical Fiction
$4.9 kindleeBook,
Outcast (Alpine Warrior Book 1)by Peter DarmanPublish: Nov 10, 2021Series: Alpine WarriorHistorical Fiction
$4.8 kindleeBook,
The Wolf of Rimini (Alpine Warrior Book 2)by Peter DarmanPublish: Apr 17, 2022Series: Alpine WarriorHistorical Fiction
$4.8 kindleeBook,
Conqueror (The Parthian Chronicles Book 16)by Peter DarmanPublish: Aug 17, 2022Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
The Slave King (Parthian Chronicles Book 10)
$4.5 kindleeBook, Paperback,
The Slave King (Parthian Chronicles Book 10)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jun 05, 2018Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Parthian Dawn (Parthian Chronicles Book 2)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Parthian Dawn (Parthian Chronicles Book 2)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jan 15, 2012Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Parthian Vengeance (Parthian Chronicles Book 3)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Parthian Vengeance (Parthian Chronicles Book 3)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jul 27, 2012Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Carrhae (Parthian Chronicles Book 4)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Carrhae (Parthian Chronicles Book 4)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jan 29, 2013Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Army of the Wolf (Crusader Chronicles Book 2)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Army of the Wolf (Crusader Chronicles Book 2)by Peter DarmanPublish: Feb 26, 2014Series: Crusader ChroniclesAction & Adventure
Companions (Parthian Chronicles Book 5)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Companions (Parthian Chronicles Book 5)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jul 08, 2014Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Castellan (Crusader Chronicles Book 3)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Castellan (Crusader Chronicles Book 3)by Peter DarmanPublish: Dec 21, 2014Series: Crusader ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Master of Mayhem (Crusader Chronicles Book 4)
$3.2 kindleeBook,
Master of Mayhem (Crusader Chronicles Book 4)by Peter DarmanPublish: May 19, 2015Series: Crusader ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Schism (Crusader Chronicles Book 5)
$3.2 kindleeBook,
Schism (Crusader Chronicles Book 5)by Peter DarmanPublish: Oct 22, 2015Series: Crusader ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
As Dust to the Wind (Crusader Chronicles Book 6)
$3.3 kindleeBook,
As Dust to the Wind (Crusader Chronicles Book 6)by Peter DarmanPublish: Apr 13, 2016Series: Crusader ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Sons of the Citadel (The Parthian Chronicles Book 6)
$3.4 kindleeBook,
Sons of the Citadel (The Parthian Chronicles Book 6)by Peter DarmanPublish: Sep 21, 2016Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
The Ice March
$4.44 kindleeBook,
The Ice Marchby Peter DarmanPublish: Feb 28, 2017Historical Fiction Literary Fiction
Usurper (Parthian Chronicles Book 7)
$4.2 kindleeBook,
Usurper (Parthian Chronicles Book 7)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jun 20, 2017Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
The Cursed Kingdom (Parthian Chronicles Book 8)
Free kindleeBook,
The Cursed Kingdom (Parthian Chronicles Book 8)by Peter DarmanPublish: Oct 17, 2017Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Amazon (Parthian Chronicles Book 9)
$4.4 kindleeBook,
Amazon (Parthian Chronicles Book 9)by Peter DarmanPublish: Feb 14, 2018Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Lord of War (Parthian Chronicles Book 11)
$4.95 kindleeBook,
Lord of War (Parthian Chronicles Book 11)by Peter DarmanPublish: Oct 10, 2018Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Sarmatian (Parthian Chronicles Book 13)
$4.6 kindleeBook,
Sarmatian (Parthian Chronicles Book 13)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jul 17, 2019Series: Parthian ChroniclesAction & Adventure Historical Fiction
Wraiths (Parthian Chronicles Book 12)
$4.5 kindleeBook,
Wraiths (Parthian Chronicles Book 12)by Peter DarmanPublish: Mar 05, 2019Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
The White Dragon (Catalan Chronicles Book 2)
$4.5 kindleeBook,
The White Dragon (Catalan Chronicles Book 2)by Peter DarmanPublish: Apr 02, 2020Series: Catalan ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Pacorus (Parthian Chronicles Book 14)
$4.6 kindleeBook,
Pacorus (Parthian Chronicles Book 14)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jul 01, 2020Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
The Golden Lion (Catalan Chronicles Book 3)
$4.3 kindleeBook,
The Golden Lion (Catalan Chronicles Book 3)by Peter DarmanPublish: Oct 28, 2020Series: Catalan ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
The Silver Stallion (Catalan Chronicles Book 4)
$4.8 kindleeBook,
The Silver Stallion (Catalan Chronicles Book 4)by Peter DarmanPublish: Feb 25, 2021Series: Catalan ChroniclesHistorical Fiction
Dura (The Parthian Chronicles Book 15)
$4.8 kindleeBook,
Dura (The Parthian Chronicles Book 15)by Peter DarmanPublish: Jun 10, 2021Series: Parthian ChroniclesHistorical Fiction

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    Outcast (Alpine Warrior Book 1)

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    Outcast (Alpine Warrior Book 1)

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    The White Dragon (Catalan Chronicles Book 2)


Peter Darman Interview On 17, Sep 2021

"Undoubtedly talented, author Peter Darman was raised in Grantham, a small market town in the East Midlands of England. First in his family’s history to go to university, Peter studied history following his interest. By the age of eleven, he had started writing about historical events and figures. He began working as an editor in 1990. He has been a full-time author since 2012."
Tell us a bit about your background and family.

I was raised in Grantham, a small market town in the East Midlands of England. Both my parents, like their parents before them, left school when they were 14 to work, thus I did not come from an academic, privileged background. My grandfather, who ran a fruit and vegetable shop, fought in World War II and my father, who ran a flower shop, fought in the Korean War. It was their stories that began my interest in military history and history in general. I was the first person in my family’s history to go to university where I studied history.

How were you first introduced to writing?

At primary school where we were encouraged to write stories. Where I lived it was possible to enter a grammar school if one passed the Eleven Plus, an exam all primary school pupils took in their last year, usually when they were ten or eleven, hence the name. It was a written test, one part of which was to write an essay on an historical figure. I remember writing an essay on Oliver Cromwell, at the time a boyhood hero. So, by the age of eleven I had started writing about historical events and figures.

What made you decide to make the switch from editor to author?

I began working as an editor in 1990. I was fortunate in that the company was small, and its owner allowed me to write as well as edit. I was brought on board to develop the company’s military non-fiction lost, some of which I was allowed to write. I did not receive any money for doing so, but it allowed me to write a number of non-fiction titles and get my name established as an author. Thus when ‘The Parthian’ was published in 2011, I was already an author with several titles to my name. A year later, I left my job as an editor to become a full-time writer.

Do you remember the first story you ever read and the impact it had on you?

When I was a boy, I read most of the Biggles books and then went on to read the novels of Sven Hassell, which were set in World War II. Curiously, the book that made the most impact on me as a teenager was ‘The Exorcist’ by William Peter Blatty. It is still one of my favourite novels.

What do you think is the biggest advantage you have as a writer due to your editing past?

Being an editor is excellent for being able to plan a book and break it down into its constituent parts. It is also useful when going over a manuscript and cutting out the dead wood (all the superfluous text). It is also good training for using correct grammar, which is a problem for many authors. However, it is not particularly useful for coming up with fiction ideas, or indeed non-fiction concepts. Very few editors go on to become authors compared to, say, journalists. For me, my previous editorial experience allows me to plan a novel so I always know where it begins and how it will end, with all the bits in between planned beforehand (more or less). I do not start a novel and see where it takes me.

What gave you the idea for The Parthian Chronicles?

The Parthian Chronicles originally started as a way of writing a novel about Spartacus, the slave leader in the 1st Century BC. I decided I needed a different angle and so came up with the idea of a Parthian who was captured by the Romans and who escaped to fight beside Spartacus. ‘The Parthian’ was born. Its success prompted me to develop the character Pacorus and write about his experiences after having returned to Parthia.

Who or what was the inspiration behind the character 'Mikhael Petrov' in your book "The Ice March"?

Mikhail Petrov is a fictional character who was not based on anyone in particular. I wanted to explore how World War I and the subsequent Civil War affected ordinary Russians. Mikhail Petrov is a poor peasant from an impoverished village in central Russia. ‘The Ice March’ tried to show how ordinary people can be severely affected by a savage conflict, and what happens when a society begins to fall apart.

What are some aspirations you have for your future as an author?

I feel immensely blessed and privileged to be able to earn a living as a writer. I do not have any future grand plans as such, just a hope that I can continue to write books that people enjoy reading.

How has been your journey of being a full-time author since 2012?

The last three years have been somewhat of a trial. My mother died in 2019, my father passed away in 2020 and my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. I have tried to continue writing throughout, partially as a way of mentally escaping the trials of the real world, but it is difficult to concentrate on writing when traumatic and unexpected events occur. I soldier on. There is no alternative.

How many unfinished or unpublished books do you have? Do you think you'll be finishing/publishing any of these books in the near future?

I am currently writing a novel set in 15th century Switzerland. I do not start a book and fail to finish it. Some books might take longer to finish than others, but all get completed.

What are some elements you considered when figuring out the title of your book, The Slave King?

The novels in the Parthian Chronicles are stand-alone books in that each one is a self-contained story, but they are also linked to other titles in the series. It is the ongoing story of King Pacorus and his fight to preserve the Parthian Empire from external and internal enemies. In ‘The Slave King’ I explored the idea that all actions have consequences, some unintended. The book concerns Pacorus and a small force defending the capital city of a Parthian kingdom called Media, ironically a kingdom Pacorus had formally defeated and laid low. The chaos he was responsible for creating comes back to haunt him as he fights to preserve the new rulers of the kingdom. It is a book about regret, revenge, loyalty and the fight to preserve the rule of law and a degree of justice in a turbulent world.

Which book took the longest to write in the Catalan Chronicles series?

The ‘Black Sheep’, the first in the series. The first book in a series always takes the longest to write because of the amount of research involved before any words are written, plus the biographical sketches of the main characters that are created before the actual writing starts. Then there is the timeframe of the first volume to be worked out, which is not set in stone but nevertheless creates an overall framework for the book. I remember it took seven months to write ‘The Sword Brothers’, the first volume in the Crusader Chronicles, three of which were devoted to research and character creation.

How do you usually come up with character names?

Some of the characters in my novels are real historical figures, and indeed the name Pacorus, the central character of the Parthian Chronicles, was the name of several Parthian kings, so it is a name rooted in historical accuracy. The names of other characters in my books are based on common Christian names and, where applicable, surnames, used in the era the novels are set in. For example, Luca Baldi is the central character of the Catalan Chronicles, who originates from Sicily. Luca was a common name in Medieval Italy, and Baldi is a surname associated with Sicily. It makes little sense having a character with a modern-sounding name, such as Justin Sidebottom, being the king of a 1st Century BC Parthian kingdom.

What are your thoughts on social media for marketing or promotions?

To be honest, my knowledge of advertising on social media platforms is sketchy at best. Obviously, some authors use social media to generate lots of sales, and good luck to them. I do use online advertising, AllAuthor included, though as an indie author I am always very careful regarding budgets, which are invariably tight.

Are you enjoying your experience with AllAuthor so far? Would you recommend this platform to your author friends?

I enjoy using AllAuthor because it is a simple platform to use, and the advertising is very cost-effective. I do not consider myself to be a tech-savvy person, so a platform such as All-Author, which is user-friendly, is ideal for someone like me. I would certainly recommend it to other authors.

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