Love is the same for a poor man, and a king.

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Linzi Basset
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“Isn’t it a universal truth that it’s our singular experiences and passion, for whatever thing or things, which molds us all into the individuals we become? Whether it's hidden in the depths of our soul or exposed for all to see?”

Linzi Basset is a South African born animal rights supporter with a poet’s heart, and she is also a bestselling fiction writer of suspense filled romance erotica books; who as the latter, refuses to be bound to any one sub-genre. She prefers instead to stretch herself as a storyteller which has resulted in her researching and writing historical and even paranormal themed works.

Her initial offering: Club Alpha Cove, a BDSM club suspense series released back in 2015, reached Amazon’s Bestseller list, and she has been on those lists ever since. Labeling her as prolific is a gross understatement as just a few short years later she has now been published thirty-nine times; a total which fails to take into account the three other published works of her alter ego: Isabel James who co-authors—nor does it include the five additional new works marked for imminent release.

“I write from the inside out. My stories are both inside me and a part of me so it can be either pleasurable to release them or painful to carve them out. I live every moment of every story I write. So, if you're looking for spicy and suspenseful, I'm your girl . . . woman . . . author . . . you know what I mean!"

Linzi believes that by telling stories in her own voice, she can better share with her readers the essence of her being: her passionate nature; her motivations; and her wildest fantasies. She feels every touch as she writes, every kiss, every harsh word uttered, and this to her is the key to a never-ending love of writing.

Ultimately, all books by Linzi Basset are about passion. To her, passion is the driving force of all emotion; whether it be lust, desire, hate, trust, or love. This is the underlying message contained in her books.

Her advice: “Believe in the passions driving your desires; live them; enjoy them; and allow them to bring you happiness.”

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His Devil's Desire (Club Devil's Cove Book 1)

Publish Date: Nov 04, 2017

Genre: Suspense, Romantic Suspense

avg rating4.7 - 37 reviews on Amazon

Linzi Basset's Books

His Devil's Desire (Club Devil's Cove Book 1)

His Devil's Desire (Club Devil's Cove Book 1)


Publication Date: Nov 04, 2017

Suspense, Romantic Suspense

4.7 (37 ratings)

His FBI Sub (Club Alpha Cove Book 1)


Publication Date: Jan 10, 2015

Romantic Suspense

4.6 (6 ratings)

Claimed Bride (The Bride Series Book 1)


Publication Date: Jul 25, 2018

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

4.8 (25 ratings)

Desperation: Ceejay's Absolution (Club Wicked Cove Book 1)


Publication Date: May 15, 2016

Romantic Suspense

4.6 (23 ratings)

Linzi Basset Interview

  • On 02, 08 2018

    Linzi Basset interview

    Born in a small town, Vereeniging , and currently residing in Centurion in the capital city Tshwane of South Africa, Linzi Basset is referred to as a multi-genre author. Having received immense love for her writings , Linzi not just writes romance novels but also prefers instead to stretch herself as a storyteller which has resulted in her researching and writing... read full interview

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