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Lorraine Holmes Milton

Lorraine Holmes Milton

Veteran, author, inventor, singer, songwriter, poet. Working and praying for World Peace.

God’s General -
Doing God’s WORK - Spreading God’s WORD.

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$10.99 kindleeBook,
Plategate: Obstruction of Injustice : SABOTAGE, Discredit, Frameup By Feds - Email
$9.99 kindleeBook,
Plategate: Obstruction of Injustice : SABOTAGE, Discredit, Frameup By Feds - Emailby Lorraine Holmes MiltonPublish: Dec 04, 2018General Nonfiction
PLATEGATE: Obstruction Of Injustice - Feds Implanted
$11.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
My Son Went to Jail for Taking a Bath: A
$7.99 kindleeBook,
My Son Went to Jail for Taking a Bath: A "Must Read" for Every Parent and Their Teenagerby Lorraine Holmes MiltonPublish: Nov 29, 2013Advice & How To
$2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Disaster Master Plan: Prepare or Despair - It's Your Choiceby Lorraine Holmes MiltonPublish: Nov 14, 2013Advice & How To

Lorraine Holmes Milton interview On 30, Nov 2018

"Born in Detroit, Michigan, Lorraine Holmes Milton is a veteran, author, inventor, singer, songwriter, and a poet. Her favorite memory growing up is when her dear beloved Mom took all of them to Belle Isle Park. The military taught her to be the BEST THAT SHE COULD BE. She has been writing poetry since age sixteen and started by writing riddles and rhymes. The best aspect of working with her awesome sons is spending quality time that is on a business level - not family. She enjoys reading nonfiction because it is real. The author loves writing and singing. She is currently, in the process of releasing, Plategate 2 and Plategate 3 (November 2018)"
Where did you grow up? Which is your favorite memory of growing up with ten siblings?

I am Lorraine Holmes Milton, born Lorraine Solomon in Detroit, Michigan. My favorite memory growing up is when my dear beloved Mom took all of us to Belle Isle Park. Belle Isle is a quant place located between Detroit and Windsor Canada.

How was your experience of graduating from Southeastern High School, Detroit Public School? Did you ever dream of becoming an author?

I love school and Southeastern was a very good experience with many friends. I request not attending the prom, to this day, because of teenage pregnancy. In 1970, unwed girls could not mainstream in school and had to transfer to The School of Unwed Mothers; I felt stigmatized and vowed to graduate and attend college. I joined the military after three (3) years with Blue Cross - Blue Shield of Michigan.

What has your journey of serving twenty-one years in the military, Health Care Administration taught you? Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

My military journey was awesome. I loved military service and have many happy memories, on the most part. I met and married a U.S. Air Force Sergeant and had a son, Eric, he is a Morehouse College alum. My eldest son, Allister, is super intelligent, as well (see My Son Went To Jail For Taking a Bath). The U.S. Air Force paid for my schooling: Master of Science, Psychology and Counseling , Troy University, Master of Arts, Management and Human Relations , Webster University , Bachelor of Arts,Interdisciplinary Science, University Of South Carolina, Associate of Applied Science, Health Care Management, Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

While stationed in Japan, 1994, I was a whistle blower and the FBI has been retaliating against me since that time (See Plategate: Obstruction of Injustice - FEDS Implanted Wiretap GPS Microchip Plates Into Americans Forehead, Plategate 2: Obstruction of Injustice: SABOTAGE, Discredit, Frameup by FEDS - Emails, and Plategate 3: Obstruction of Injustice: Plantation to Implantation - Harassment, Digital Slavery, Torture - Emails). The military taught me to be the BEST THAT I COULD BE (not just a slogan). I was taught Management and leadership skills, character development, perseverance, tenacity, and so much more. One of the best decisions that I made was to join the military. OPINION: I believe that all citizens should give to their country, thus, highly favor drafting males, as well as females, at age 18.

Writing ability - I feel that to be a believable writer, emotions and deep thought should be present.

What is the first book that made you cry? Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

A book has never made me cry, however, if the movie, Imitation of Life, is based on a book, this is the one. I have never thought about writing under a pseudonym.

Which is more difficult to write - Poetry or General Nonfiction? Which one do you enjoy writing the most?

I have been writing poetry since age sixteen (16) and started by writing riddles and rhymes. Poetry makes me happy, therefore, the words flows from my heart. Nonfiction is very difficult because of research, quotes(exact), particulars, etc. Each poetry book should be viewed separately.

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

Disaster Master Plan is nonfiction and “How to” prepare for disaster. This is a very important book. PLEASE PREPARE FOR DISASTER. Plategate involves a great deal of testimony, reality, research, quotes, day -to-day experiences, which is a continuation of books; Plategate is a book series.

What inspired you to write "Perspective?" How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

When I moved from Detroit to Houston, 2009, I was so bored. We stayed with our son and daughter in - law for several months. While my family waited to “close” on our house, I started writing poetry again. I read the poems to my son/daughter-in-law, when they came home from work - THEY LOVED THE POEMS! I kept writing. The first book, Perspectives, difficult to self-publish because I did not know the process. The second book, Pinnacle, was much easier. ADVICE: If you are very interested in any subject kand have knowledge of that subject, consider writing a book. Writing a book is intimidating, at first, however, it is very rewarding with the finished product.

Do you enjoy working with your sons who edit and take photos for your books? What is the most fun thing about working with your children?

I enjoyed collaborating with my son on Perspectives. I asked him to read over the poems, he is an expert in English. I remember motivating him to take an Honors English class when we returned from Japan. The Pensacola, Florida, new school, did not have any openings (full). I said, we just arrived from Japan and my son is eligible for Honors English classes and deserve to be in the class - THEY FOUND A SEAT. I wrote a book,How To Quit Smoking in Five (5) Days, I Quit Twenty - Seven (27 ) Years Ago. My son, Allister, took great photos for the book. NOTE: the book has not been published due to FBI “BLOCKING” the release. The best aspect of working with my awesome sons are spending quality time that is on a business level - not family. I learned quite a bit of knowledge from them. I ‘m so PROUD of them. My youngest son (a minor, not mentioning his name), is a genius. He plays piano, trumpet, writes and record songs. He has given me good advice when recording the six (6) songs that I released: Love, I Am My Mama’s Child (Demo), Mama’s Child, (producer Oliver Sean), Detroit On a Roll, Sylvia, and God’s General. LISTEN:Reverbnation.com/lorrainemilton.

Have you read anything that made you think differently about nonfiction? What sparked the idea for "PLATEGATE?"

I enjoy reading nonfiction because it is real. I do not like fake. Plategate was inspired by God’s purpose. When I was twelve (12) years old, standing outside my house in Detroit, God gave me a premonition and led me to BELIEVE that I was going to revitalize, uplift, Detroit and the people of Detroit. I did not understand because Detroit )two (2) million population) was BOOMING, with Motown, BIG THREE (3), Chrysler, Ford and GM (discussed in Detroit On a Roll, song). NOTE: Chrysler is near and dear to my heart because I grew up several blocks away from the Chrysler / Jefferson Plant. Family members worked at Chrysler. Detroit has RICH HISTORY. I love Detroit. People may ask/think, why is she in Houston if she love Detroit (hometown) so much? The bitter cold did not agree with my husband, Donn, health (heart disease (service connected disability) ), son (asthma (at that time)), and my arthritis and ailments( service -connected disabilities). GOD - GIVEN PURPOSE - Fast forward from age twelve (12), and now, over fifty (50) years later, Plategate. I was watching, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Iyanla Fix My Life, and God ZOOMED my eyes to her neck which has a LASER CUT SCAR. I already had noticed (August 2014) President Obama’s forehead implanted PLATE and the first person that I noticed with the plate was, Doug E. Fresh, on my Blackberry (on or about August 2014). I knew something was very seriously WRONG. I was afraid because when I stared at President Obama’s forehead, the Blackberry screen went “BLACK” (I said to myself, the FEDS do not want me to know. Plategate was inspired at this time. NOTE: They (NSA/FBI/CIA/Police, SABOTAGE just about everything that I write including this interview, as I write (when I type they’lI type (IN “REAL TIME”) it and make the words misspelling). I must constantly correct the same word which is agitating. I am LASER FOCUSED because I know, I am working under the GUIDANCE OF GOD! (Inspiration for, God’s General, song).

What was the hardest scene to write in "My Son Went to Jail for Taking a Bath?" What did you edit out of this book?

The FBI deleted extensive text and photos (photos blurry) from my book, My Son Went To Jail For Taking a Bath. They knew that ALL INFORMATION discussing their DIRTY and LOWDOWN tactics, such as, flashing a FLASHLIGHT into my face when they came to illegally arrest my son for taking a bath. They implanted the microchip plate into his forehead, thus, they KNEW exactly where he was located. The “thether” on his leg was emerged in water, THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS “NO ONE TOLD HIM NOT TO EMERGE IT IN WATER, NOT THE PRISON, NOT THE PAROLE OFFICER. The parole officer visited our house and gave us the rules to ensure we were aware - she stated that ALL THE RULES WILL BE GIVEN TO ALLISTER BEFORE HE IS RELEASED - DID NOT HAPPEN. It hurts me to my heart that he was arrested for taking a bath because I told him to take a jacuzzi bath after he came home from the car wash VERY TIRED AND FEET HURTING. It was several weeks later after he came home when we were talking, he said, no one told me - WTF. I WAS LIVID and started writing the book - the FBI was sabotaging the book.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

I read some of the reviews. Plategate has good reviews and some harsh reviews from the Alt Right. They mentioned “uncalled for names” - the FBI CALLED ME “MONKEY” by sending texts to my phone stating “CODE MONKEY”- THEY CUT MY FACE UP AND NOW IT DOES NOT RESEMBLE MY PRE-PLATE PICTURES. I ignore it because I know they are trying to start a RACE WAR. Every person needs to read, Plategate. This book may not only affect the people implanted, but the economy,healthcare and safety factors. VOYEURISM - FBI endured hidden cameras are in BIG BOX STORES (I can send pictures that I sent to President Trump). (I do not want to write another book here....HEALTHCARE: People of color are being outright MURDERED in the hospital - FBI orders HITS. ECONOMY: It seems it is on a ROLLERCOASTER. I believe because many of the INSIDE TRADERS (CROOKS) know that, Plategate, is eventually going to be “BREAKING NEWS.”

How much did you research for writing your book, "Disaster Master Plan?" How important do you think it is to prepare for the worst and not just hope for the best?

Disaster Master Plan was researched many months because I wanted many options of where to buy a disaster preparedness kit and pet disaster kit. IMPORTANT! It is very important to prepare for disaster. Please have the basics in a duffle bag, water, food (non perishables), medication, flashlights, emergency radio, cell phone and charger and, at least, $500 (ATMs may be inoperable or empty). Many more things should be included (See Disaster Master Plan: Prepare or Despair - It’s Your Choice).

What do you love being the most - a veteran, an author, an inventor, a singer, a songwriter or a poet? If you could do any one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love writing and singing. If I could write and sing for the next fifty (50) years, it would be awesome . I LOVE SINGING and sing songs to Jesus every day. I make up verses as I sing which assisted in my writing gospel songs that are unpublished. I plan to publish, in the future.

How long on an average does it take you to write a book? What are you currently working on?

It takes, on average, about two (2) months to write a book. The preparation is written daily as events happen, then, I compile the notes, etc. I am currently, in the process of releasing, Plategate 2 and Plategate 3 (November 2018). This book, Plategate 4: Obstruction of Injustice: Medical, Food, Hidden Camera (Voyeur) WARFARE - and More. WAKEUP!, is probably going to take four (4) to six (6) months due to the extensive research of medical. I am writing it on a daily basis. ESTIMATED RELEASE: March 2019.

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