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I was born in St. Louis, Mo, where I resided until I was 16. My family and I then moved to Maui, Hawaii where I resided until I was 42. I currently reside in Florida. I am an avid comic book and anime fan. I love all genre of books, although the the fantasy genre is my all time favorite.

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(1) (1) $3.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Mystery of the Pirate's Chestby Mike MinickyPublish: Jul 28, 2023Thriller Mystery
(2) $4.99 kindleeBook,
Dreadrick Townby Mike MinickyPublish: Mar 26, 2024Thriller Supernatural Suspense Action & Adventure
The Twins
(1) (1) $3.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Twinsby Mike MinickyPublish: May 13, 2022Thriller Suspense
Alden The Ant's Unexpected Journey
(1) $10.5 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Alden The Ant's Unexpected Journeyby Mike MinickyPublish: Jan 24, 2023Children's

Mike Minicky Interview On 30, Oct 2023

"Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Mike Minicky has had a fascinating journey across different places and has a deep passion for storytelling. His love for literature knows no bounds, and he enjoys exploring various genres. Beyond the pages of books, the author's interests extend to the colorful and imaginative worlds of comic books and anime. Today, the author calls Florida home, where he continues to draw inspiration from his diverse life experiences."
Where have you spent most of your childhood?

Most of my childhood was spent on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Your journey from St. Louis to Maui to Florida seems quite diverse. How have these different locations influenced your writing and perspective as an author?

I had a very rough childhood in both Missouri and Maui, which has left a very hard imprint in me. This is why I chose mostly Horror. I can use those traumatic moments in my books. Florida has allowed me to grow into being an Author professionally. How has your current residence in Florida impacted your creative process and the themes you explore in your work?

Florida has provided an enormous amount of opportunities in becoming a professional Author. Everything from landscape, book signing opportunities, marketing, and more.

Your passion for comic books and anime is evident. How do these visual storytelling mediums intersect with your writing style or inspire the stories you tell?

Anime is unique because it creates these vast worlds with great storytelling. As a Horror writer you are trying to create some very hardcore emotions into your readers. By implementing a little bit of that Anime style in my books allows for great visuals in one’s head.

You mentioned being a fan of various book genres. How does your appreciation for different genres contribute to your ability to create well-rounded and engaging narratives?

I write mostly Horror, but do branch out. I believe when you just stick to one genre you are limiting both yourself and your audience. I like to add just enough to draw all readers. I think that is what makes my style of writing most unique.

Fantasy is your favorite genre. What draws you to it, and how do you infuse elements of fantasy into your writing, even if it's not the primary genre you write in?

I love fantasy because of the vast amount of different characters there are, not just humans. I like elves, dwarves, goblins and more. You can create so much more for people to enjoy when the types of characters are endless.

Writing often involves exploring imaginary worlds and characters. How do you balance your love for fantasy with creating relatable and believable characters that resonate with readers?

I use fantasy to create a different type of supernatural element than what people have come to expect.

Your life journey seems like a rich source of inspiration. Are there any personal anecdotes or experiences that you've turned into compelling story elements in your book, "The Twins"?

I would agree my life has been a journey. Unfortunately, the journey was a Horror show in itself. Each book has a little bit of me and those experiences in it. In The Twins, there is a lot of me in the John Colt character.

Many writers have specific rituals or habits that help them get into the writing flow. Do you have any rituals or practices that you find particularly helpful for your creative process?

I don’t have any rituals. I just sit down and let the story flow out of me.

As a writer with a diverse background and interests, how do you approach the challenge of crafting stories that appeal to a wide range of readers?

Everyone is made up many different parts. So, I challenge myself to try to create something in the story that will draw in as many parts as possible.

Can you recall a specific comic book, anime, or fantasy book that has had a profound impact on your writing journey? How did it influence your creative direction?

The first anime I saw was Vampire Hunter D. I remember how the storytelling and characters held me like I was in a vice. There was no bells and whistles about it. Yet, it immediately had me hooked and found myself wanting more. I knew then I wanted to create stories that the reader could not put down.

How do you see your writing evolving in the future, especially considering your varied interests and experiences?

Every book is a stepping stone to becoming better. I just have to remember to keep stepping.

Could you share a glimpse of your current writing project? How are you incorporating your love for fantasy, comics, and anime into this work?

My current project is a Horror book based in a small town. I have used fantasy to create a new character no one has ever seen.

What do you think of AllAuthor and would you recommend it to your other author friends?

I do like Allauthor and would recommend it.

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