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Pavane Ravel is an award-winning, acclaimed, influential writer and novelist of literary realistic fiction and author of her introductory novel series, "The Other Shoes of Larry Martin," with book one released in Oct. 2021 titled "Revelation of Lies," while book two titled "On Becoming Laurie Roberts" was released in Feb. 2023.

Pavane's book two won first runner-up placement in realistic drama fiction given by "The PenCraft Book Awards" in October 2023. Ravel's novels are available from her official website (pavaneravel.com), Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited while featured in many fine online bookstores, magazines, and online reader sites.

She has always wanted to be a full-time writer and has finally reached the point in life where that dream is a reality. She has traveled extensively over the years and has seen nearly the entire United States, much of Canada, Europe, and some of South and Central America. Pavane also studied political science and journalism at universities in the United States and Europe.

Pavane is happily married and has raised successful grown children. She enjoys discussing economics after working as a commodities broker. She and her family reside in New York, and she shares her time concentrating on family, close friends, and writing. She also continues to enjoy international traveling.

For Pavane, who is passionate about politics and societal issues, these books and series are an important story to tell. Larry Martin is also a truly complex and fascinating character as a unique progressive hero. Pavane enjoys humor and loves to engage and connect with readers. She welcomes readers' thoughts and comments through her website.

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$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Signed Paperback,
The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Book Two of Seven)by Pavane RavelPublish: Mar 04, 2023Series: The Other Shoes Of Larry Martin Novel SeriesSuspense Literary Fiction
The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book One: Revelation of Lies
$0.99 kindleeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book One: Revelation of Liesby Pavane RavelPublish: Aug 15, 2021Suspense Literary Fiction

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  • The Other Shoes Of Larry Martin Novel Series

    1 The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Book Two of Seven) - Published on Mar, 2023

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  • First Runner Up Fiction Realistic - PenCraft Awards

    The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Book Two of Seven)

  • Reader's Favorite 5-Star Book Review

    The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book Two: On Becoming Laurie Roberts (Book Two of Seven)

  • Awarded 4-Star Editorial Book Review By Reader's Favorite

    The Other Shoes of Larry Martin: Book One: Revelation of Lies


Pavane Ravel Interview On 27, Jul 2022

"A passionate writer, Pavane Ravel has always wanted to be a full-time writer. She grew up in a conservative Catholic home. She is the author and writer of her introductory novel series of "The Other Shoes of Larry Martin." She lives in Manhattan and spends time concentrating on both family and her writing."
Where have you spent most of your childhood?

Most of my childhood was spent growing up in Miami. Back then, it wasn’t crowded and I loved it. My memories are such that while our house had no central air, I don’t remember it being hot. But that was likely because I was always swimming in the water somewhere - pool or beach.

Why do you think there is such power in words and literature? When did you first discover this power?

From an early age, once I learned how to read, books affected me. Stories had the power to transport me to places I had never been and teach me things from many perspectives. History and nonfiction were all part of my education, but fiction appealed to my imagination. I loved the power of fiction for this reason. There were no boundaries in this literature … each story was unique and they were fuel for my own active thoughts.

Have you always been a big reader?

Yes. As a young person, I read nearly everything I could get my hands on. There was no internet, so it was ALL about books. And music.

I felt like a changeling in my family. My parents were religious and they wanted me to be like them, the polar-opposite of me. They were completely devoid of any imagination. But I couldn’t be like them. They were horrified I wanted to be a writer and a composer. They were sick of me being a bookworm and wanted me to be more social in the church. I struggled with this. My peers couldn’t talk literature with me; they had read nothing of what I had read. It was difficult for me to find a social common ground because I had no interest in what interested them … mainly, church, cosmetics, boys and gossip.

Looking back, I can see how I could have been considered aloof and headstrong. But I was living in my own world and I was content with that. At the age of 13, two things changed for me: 1) I began to write my first fiction novel and 2) I was finally allowed to travel abroad on my own. My parents were oddly broad-minded about this. But for me, both opened massive new worlds and I was thrilled to dive into them.

What is your favorite way to escape from the present and relax (besides reading or writing)?

I have loves. My family and I are extremely close. My wonderful husband and I have two daughters; both successful and brilliant creatives. I enjoy hanging out with them, often grilling some great dinner by the pool. I also enjoy composing. I call it movie soundtrack music. If I ever get Larry Martin’s theme properly recorded, I will add it to my website.

In the past, I have also enjoyed working with some of the Atlanta Chamber Choir and the Atlanta Symphony in a studio recording of a classical thirteen movement tone poem, The Bride of Kaslin Burke. A tone poem is a symphonic work that tells a story.

During this time of composing and recording, I was writing my second novel, Hepplewhite. I came close to publishing when I was knocked over by the idea of The Other Shoes of Larry Martin.

I don’t worry that I’ve done nothing with either Burke or Hepplewhite. Both projects are finished and can be dusted off when I am ready for them.

In sum, music and family are my favorite way to relax and escape from the present.

What inspired the story of "The Other Shoes of Larry Martin"?

Larry began with a kernel of an idea: A homeless guy finds happiness for a night by creating a small structure in which he can read and eat while staying dry and warm from the rain storming outside.

I thought it would be a quick and easy short story to write. I was wrong.

Once I began writing, the story grew to immense proportions. The Other Shoes of Larry Martin is a fictional contemporary political drama. It has become a seven-book saga of one long story.

While the story is character driven by Larry, it encompasses current progressive anti-Trump politics and social nuances covering men’s tears, toxic masculinity, loneliness and insecurity, bullying, the building of strong platonic relationships of men, white supremacy and more. None of this is instructional. These nuances are simply part of the story. Readers, themselves, will decide what they think on these issues.

In Book One, Revelation of Lies, Larry begins as a despicable person working for an extreme alt-right website as a journalist. His columns denigrate the poor and the homeless. When he becomes homeless himself, he realizes that everything he believed is a lie. He works to change. He opens his mind and becomes metaphysical in his higher learning. After he embraces kindness as a power and after he survives his homeless ordeal, what happens to him next is extraordinary.

I have only published Book One. I have decided to finish the series before I publish more. I am in the middle of Book 6 now. After I finish Book 7, I can fire my publishing salvos.

For me, this is just a huge project. But I have learned that 1) trying to publish while 2) working with my editor on other books and 3) still trying to write to push the story forward … is all too much for me.

However, Book One is now available to start this series. It can be purchased through my website, pavaneravel.com (which I prefer) or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere else, like Target or Walmart. Larry has 5-star reviews.

In what ways did you try and lift this book up and make it different from other books of its genre?

You’d think this would be easy, right? Except it’s not. I knew I was writing for progressives, liberals, independents and democrats … but when my editor and I began researching comparable books, there were none.

There are simply no progressive heroes in current literature. Progressive heroes like Captain America or Superman don’t count.

When my editor told me that he’d never read anything like Larry Martin, I understood. When a Barnes & Noble reviewer wrote, “I read a lot, but I have never read a story like Larry Martin,” I understood. When an Amazon review wrote, “Although fictitious, Pavane develops a character that symbolizes hope for humanity,” I was blown away.

While I was writing Book One, I lived in fear because I didn’t know what I was doing. Somewhere along the line, I chucked the fear and let Larry show me who he was and what he wanted to do. That’s all I did to lift this book up and be what it was. It was all I could do. And now, I let my reviews speak for themselves.

As a writer, how do you come up with and commit to ideas? How do you get in touch with your characters?

When writing, I watch a literal movie in my mind. I transcribe as I watch. I do not try to control my characters. I have learned to let them live their lives and direct me. By doing this, they show me things I never would have thought of. They constantly surprise me. So, it’s not so much that I come up with and commit to ideas. It’s more that I am shown what those ideas are … and this keeps me firmly in touch with my characters on a visceral level. They are real to me. I feel them and hear them. But as an author, I don’t think I am unique in this way.

What has been the most memorable experience of being an author?

Being an author is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I am gratified that I have finally arrived at the right time in life to fulfill my lifelong dream.

But I had no idea how difficult it would be.

As far as my Larry Martin novels go, they have gotten too big for me. I am not sure I am qualified to write them. My editor scoffs, saying I say that about every book. But I don’t know. Right now, I feel out of my league. These last two books will be the hardest thing I’ve ever written, especially the finale of Book Seven.

What’s most memorable for me about being an author is tamping down fear and dread. I don’t suppose I will ever get cocky about my writing. Still. It’s what I want to do, so I will go on with determination and confidence. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way.

What does your life as a writer look like?

I am lucky. I have the support of my family. They are my biggest fans.

As for my life, I tend to rise about 5:00 in the morning when my eyes open. I make coffee and watch the sun come up while sitting on my deck, thinking about the current scene I am writing. I often watch the movie in my mind.

When I am not in Manhattan, I go to my cottage in the North Georgia foothills. There, I have a big sunroom. This is my home office. It overlooks a forest. And this is where I do most of my writing.

My life is full of family and friends who love me. Sometimes, they struggle with my writing process. Meaning, when I am writing, I shut everyone out so I can make serious progress. They respect and understand this, but they don’t necessarily like it.

While I try to balance everyone and everything, I do not always succeed. In sum, my life as a writer is constant balancing act between my responsibilities and doing what I need to do to keep my family happy.

Are novels dying? If a current college student dreams of being a writer one day, should they focus more on visual media like TV, movies, web videos, etc. because no one will read novels in the future?

This is a difficult one because technology is always changing. Social media is always expanding. The Metaverse is right around the corner and its impact on reality will be interesting, if not questionable.

I want to believe that novels will always be relevant. If not, how do we tell our stories? How does anyone produce a movie fiction drama or screenplay on YouTube without a written, edited story?

Yes, writers should be savvy to current media. However, nothing is producible without a story. That story must be written. So I am going to say that novels are here to stay for now, even if on tablets, phones or computers. Regardless how one reads a book, it is still a book.

What are some of the most profound "shower thoughts" you've had?

A shower can be a personal time of water, soap and cleansing. For me, like many, I sometimes contemplate my problems here. I rarely write. Mostly, I hear the current music I’m composing. Sometimes, I can even figure out a section that has me stymied. I don’t know if any of this is profound. To me, it’s just me being me.

Is there anything from the past you wish you could do differently? What is it about?

I doubt there is anyone who has no regrets about the past. However, the way I look at this is … had I changed anything, I would not be where I am now. I am not saying I don’t have small, very personal regrets. I do. Maybe I should have been stronger in certain circumstances. Perhaps I should have fought harder in others. But, somehow, through it all, my children are successful and happy. My husband, my dearest love, is doing fine too. And this is all I care about.

How do you maintain that equilibrium between writing what you want and what your readers want

I don’t. I am somewhat new in my career. When I wrote my first novel, I wrote it for me and put it in a drawer. It will never be published. But this book helped me to learn what it took to write a novel.

When I wrote my second book, Hepplewhite, I knew it was for young adults and thus, for everyone. I do intend to publish this novel one day.

But the Larry Martin series was a whole new experience. I realized it was controversial. I had a story to tell and I couldn’t worry about readers (what they might think or want.) If I had, I would have felt too intimidated to continue. I simply decided that readers will like it or not. I am well aware there is no pleasing everyone.

Story telling is just that. It’s very different than let’s say, marketing or writing for a particular industry demographic targeting a specific readership. Perhaps some novel writers do target a specific readership. A book on writing, for example, would target new writers. That makes sense.

But, for me, I just have stories to tell. There is no equilibrium between what I want to write and what my readers want. At least not yet … and maybe, never.

Which is the next book you are writing? When is it due to being released?

First, I will finish the last two books of Larry Martin and close out the series. Then, I will concentrate on publishing one book after the other. I have a wonderful indie publisher. We also work well together. But publishing (for me) is serious work … approving covers, writing jackets, checking galleys for transcription errors, constant back and forth communication and so on. It is better for me not to be writing new material during all this.

After Larry Martin, I plan two novels. The first is titled Purgatory. Briefly, the story encompasses two contemporary fanatically religious families; one Jewish, the other Catholic. They loathe each other and will do anything to stop their children from marrying. There is nothing funny about this story.

The second is more light-hearted. A Note on the Mailbox is about a lonely, elderly male neighbor, dying from a lack of options. In desperation, he leaves a note on a new neighbor’s mailbox, begging for help. This is a small study of how one person can change the life of another for the better

When all this will be published? I don’t know. But I do know that I like having a writing plan for the future.

What are some websites you like to use for your book promotions and how do you think AllAuthor measures up?

I love AllAuthor and so does my publicist, Catherine Lyon.

Catherine is a fantastic book marketer, (Lyon Literary Services) who handles all my book promotions. She has placed my book on many book promo sites like 'Goodreads, Awesomegang, and Just Kindle Books' to name a few. Cat utilizes Facebook Ads too.

However, we both love AllAuthor for the many tools we receive with the Pro Author plan. It saves me money to be able to make all my own book banners, book review gifs, seasonal book banners, we can automate our book posts, and so much more.

All the free tools are unique and are what sets AllAuthor apart from many other book promotional sites.

So, thank you, AllAuthor. AllAuthor is awesome.

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