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Pamela Sparkman
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Pamela Sparkman grew up in Alabama. She became an avid reader at a young age. The written word has always fascinated her and she wrote her first short story while still in elementary school. Inspiration for her stories always begins with a song. She believes music is the pulse of life and books are the heart of it.

When she isn’t writing, however, she’s spending time with her family and taking one day at a time.

Pamela Sparkman Books

The Moon Shines Red: A Fantasy Romance Novel (Heart of Darkness Book 1)
$0.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Moon Shines Red: A Fantasy Romance Novel (Heart of Darkness Book 1)by Pamela SparkmanPublish: May 05, 2017Series: Heart of DarknessRomance Fantasy
A Monster Like Me
$2.99kindle Free with KUeBook,
A Monster Like Meby Pamela SparkmanSeries: Heart of DarknessRomance Fantasy
Reverend of Silence
Reverend of Silenceby Pamela SparkmanPublish: Jan 14, 2020Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Teen & Young Adult
Back to Yesterday: A WWII Historical Romanceby Pamela SparkmanPublish: May 02, 2016Historical Romance
Skin Deep
Skin Deepby Pamela SparkmanPublish: Jul 20, 2015Series: Stolen BreathsContemporary Romance
Shatteredby Pamela SparkmanPublish: Oct 13, 2014Series: Stolen BreathsContemporary Romance

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