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R.P. Lauer would say that he is not a writer. Instead he would say that he simply had an idea one day and ran with it. That is his story and he will stick to it. So what exactly is he then? R.P. Lauer is first and foremost a husband and a father; anything else would be secondary. At the top of the secondary list would be web coding, having spent more than a decade hand coding sites in Notepad. His love of coding stems primarily with programming and problem solving due to the logic involved. Otherwise, his interests are too varied and nonspecific to be of any use listing.

His debut novel may end up his only publication; it was always intended to be a one-and-done story. And he has stated that as it took over 40 years to come up with his first actionable plot idea, who knows if and when a second idea could strike. He has played with the idea of a direct sequel to The Scars Of Gaia, but unfortunately, only time will tell if that idea comes to fruition.

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The Scars of Gaia
(1) (1) $3.99 kindlePaperback,
The Scars of Gaiaby R.P. LauerPublish: May 28, 2021Science Fiction Fantasy

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Layers: A Collection of Short Stories
(1) $2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Layers: A Collection of Short Storiesby Zuzanne BelecPublish: Nov 12, 2020Women's Fiction Literary Fiction
R.P. Lauer R.P. Lauer 2 years ago
‘Layers: A Collection of Short Stories’ is just that; a collection of short stories, by Zuzanne Belec. There’s not a lot I can say about this, other than the fact that it was a delightful read! These are all stories that have some sort of twist or ‘got ya’ moment at the end, where most of the fun is not knowing what is going on, or where the story is heading, and then trying to guess with each new detail. Even a brief plot blurb would potentially ruin the journey in my opinion.

There is one in particular that I do wish had been more than just a short story. It involves a death investigation (no, that does not reveal anything), and the investigative tool itself presented an extremely interesting idea. I’d absolutely love to see this method explored more in its own full-lengthed story.

Just as in shows like The Twilight Zone, the majority of these stories do end in a bit of tragedy, though one specifically was maybe a little too heartbreaking for my soul. But, I won’t hold that against the author; some realities of life are too powerful (even if in a sad way) to be ignored in fiction.

Overall, if you are a fan of these types of tales - again, smaller stories that end in twist or shock - then I highly recommend picking this up! I look forward to seeing Belec does in the future, should she write full-lengthed novels.

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      • R.P. Lauer R.P. Lauer 3 years ago
      • Distinguishing between objective fact and subjective opinion. Some things will be objectively wrong, but often, likes and dislikes will just be a matter of taste or personal preference. Everyone has their own opinions on any given thing, and opinions will not always line up. When critiques come in, you have to identify things that have merit, and things that are just a matter of personal taste.
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      • R.P. Lauer R.P. Lauer 3 years ago
      • The over-ordering of books by bookstores, and how they 'dispose' of them. Bookstores will over-order, then get refunded on the units not sold. But those units do not get sent back or discounted; they get tossed in the trash. It's such a waste of paper.
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