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Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Born on 14th March 1990 to Mr. Manoj Kumar and Mrs. Anita Sharma at Ranchi. Dr. Rakesh Kumar completed his schooling from Cambrian Public School, Kanke Road, Ranchi in 2007 only, but he was not in a position to continue his higher studies due to his family’s poor financial condition. That is the reason why, he decided to start freelancing and software development in the month of December 2009 just to start his family financially. He had a strong zeal to be a Software Engineer. Then after around 2 years, he took admission in B. Tech (Computer Science Engineering) at Cambridge Institute of Technology, Tatisilwai, Ranchi. He indulged himself in Computer Science Researches there at CIT. From August 2011 – till date, he has completed 15+ successful independent researches in the field of Programming Language Design, Information Security, Cryptography, Steganography, Variable Password, Digital Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence etc. He completed his B. Tech in the year 2015. He handled many research projects of M. Tech, PhD Scholars and Foreign Clients.

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All about Steganography and detection of Stegano Images
All about Steganography and detection of Stegano Imagesby Rakesh KumarPublish: Jan 30, 2018Advice & How To General Nonfiction
Yahi Hota Pyar: A Real Love Story (Raks Collection Book 1) (Hindi Edition)
$10.2 kindleeBook,
Yahi Hota Pyar: A Real Love Story (Raks Collection Book 1) (Hindi Edition)by Rakesh KumarPublish: Oct 23, 2018Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance Romance Teen & Young Adult

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