Out of Chaos
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Out of Chaos

by Elle Mott Biographies & Memoirs
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Elle MottUnited States2 Books
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Elle Mott is a creative nonfiction author. Her personal essays are published in anthologies, literary journals, newsprint, and other publications. Out of Chaos: A Memoir was her first book, released August 2018 with Boyle and Dalton Publishers. This book has been well received by readers and earned a Golden Acorn Award by Book Squirrel.

Most recently, she authored and published People Helping People: Volunteer Ideas and Resources, released in May 2020. She is currently working on two more books. One is a memoir about reconciliation, and the other, a critical biography of her maternal great-grandmother (1904-1987).

An area community and activist organization awarded her "Community Service Leader of the Year, 2017" for her commitment to volunteering, Highlights of her community engagement are in her blog. In her personal essays, Elle shares her history of homelessness and life gone awry. She writes about advocacy, personal strength, and humanitarianism.

Work at a public library is her livelihood, while writing is her passion. Elle makes her home in Northern Kentucky with her brother and pet birds. This author's quote is "Inspired by memoir, focused on life today."


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People Helping People
People Helping Peopleby Elle Mott Publish: May 18, 2020Advice & How To

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    Out of Chaos

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