Wendi's Wish (Alphabed Mail-Order Brides Book 23)
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Wendi's Wish (Alphabed Mail-Order Brides Book 23)

by Danni Roan Publish: Jan 23, 2019Series: Alphabet Mail-Order BridesHistorical Romance
    • Danni Roan Danni Roan 1 year ago
    • Leaving behind the safe confines of the Wigg School and Foundling home Wendi sets out to pursue her love of teaching, but will marrying to provide the home she needs lead only to heart ache?
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Alphabet Mail-Order Brides complete series

Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Western Romance Historical Fiction Christian Fiction

I love writing and sharing my stories with others. My work is primarily inspirational with a happily ever after at the end. It is a joy to know that my simple words can bring a smile, or encourage others.
I have lived with my every-day hero for the past twenty-seven years and have traveled to many places as we raised our son. We love seeing new things, meeting new people, and experiencing the amazing wonders God has given.
Originally from Pennsylvania, my heart often goes back to the days of my youth where I spent so much time wandering the lush green hills of home.

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Book Detail
Title Wendi's Wish (Alphabed Mail-Order Brides Book 23)
Series Alphabet Mail-Order Brides
Author Danni Roan
Publish Date 23, Jan 2019
Language English