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The Internet President: None of the Above (None of the Above Series Book 1)

Publish Date: Apr 18, 2018

Genre: Thrillers, Action & Adventure, Humor

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P.G. Sundling Thrillers, Action & Adventure, Humor, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

Star Wars ignited his dream of becoming a writer. Role-playing games unleashed his imagination, taught him world-building, and provided a platform to tell stories from an early age. Video games inspired his other passion for computers and technology. In high school, P.G. learned writers needed “d...

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Publisher: Adaptonium
Publish Date: 18, Apr 2018
Language: English
Page Count: 445

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    • pgsundling 3 months AuthorAuthor
    • Another event from my book came true. It was my understanding that you couldn't have low unemployment and low inflation together. That combination happens in my book and it's an economic mystery the main characters have to solve.


      Fifty years of data and the Phillips curve say it shouldn't be possible. Apparently, it can happen and it's happening now. It's bizarre that the nerdiest subplot from my novel is less fictional than intended. Crazy!


      I hope everyone will forgive me for quoting from my book:

      “Unemployment and wages both dropped. More competition for fewer workers should raise wages, but it’s not happening. It doesn’t make sense.”

      P.G. Sundling. The Internet President: None of the Above (Kindle Locations 3922-3923).

      All the previous similarities to my book were about politics. I can't believe some of the economics came true too.
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