Pivotal Moments: From High School Dropout to Serial Entrepreneur
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Pivotal Moments: From High School Dropout to Serial Entrepreneur

by Susanne Birgersdotter Publish: Mar 19, 2019Advice & How To General Nonfiction Business

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Susanne Birgersdotter, a Swedish self-made entrepreneur, shares her inspirational entrepreneurial journey to become the founder of Igotcha, SthlmAppLab, SBDM and a partner in the VC company, Milky Way Cap within seven years. Working from her kitchen table and using only online help, Susanne took it upon herself to create a math app to help her daughter practice her multiplication tables.

Susanne's strong instincts and intuition have helped her grow and expand her companies. Susanne shares her experiences including her setbacks and challenges while revealing the truth about the tech and start-up world and how she has stayed motivated to succeed as a female entrepreneur.

Based on that success, Susanne went on to develop her first app that was ranked #1 in the Apple App Store and while Pokemon Go was still on the drawing board began development of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) based on a disruptive location idea.

Susanne is dedicated to sustainably growing her business and works actively to support other women entrepreneurs, encouraging more women to start companies and helping them get access to funding opportunities.

Susanne is an active mentor and member of Founders Institute, FemTech, as well as on several other boards and is an editorial advisor for Veckans Affärer Women's entrepreneurial venture. As a global speaker, Susanne gives lectures and workshops on entrepreneurship, women in tech, venture capital, and start-ups. Recent highlights include Mobile World Congress

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Title Pivotal Moments: From High School Dropout to Serial Entrepreneur
Author Susanne Birgersdotter
Publish Date 19, Mar 2019
Language English
Page Count 204