An Angel Among Us: (A Short Story Collection)
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An Angel Among Us: (A Short Story Collection)

by J.E. Spina / Janice SpinaPublish: Mar 07, 2017Thriller Suspense Mystery Supernatural Suspense Contemporary Romance Romance Science Fiction Fantasy Horror



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Janice Spina aka J.E. Spina is a multi-award-winning author with 46 published books for children, MG/PT/YA and 18+. Writing in multi-genres is what I love to do.

Providing good clean reading for children with life lessons is important to me. My goal is to encourage children and adults to read daily to benefit their health and wellbeing.

My husband, John, is my illustrator and cover creator. Together we will continue to provide entertaining books for all ages for as long as we are physically able.

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Book Detail
Title An Angel Among Us: (A Short Story Collection)
Author J.E. Spina / Janice Spina
Publish Date 07, Mar 2017
Publisher J.E. Spina / Janice Spina
Language English
Page Count 197
Cover Design John Spina