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by Lisa Slater Publish: Jun 26, 2018Romantic Suspense

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Lisa Slater-

Is a United States Author of fiction Romance / Mystery / Thriller and Suspense novels. She’s from Coos County, Oregon, and is a real western cowgirl, riding horses, raising cows, cherishing her dogs and chickens, but above all, her family. She is happiest in the company of her best friends: her supportive husband and delightfully esteemed sons.

Precisely before wearing spurs everywhere – yes, everywhere - Lisa has become best known for captivating her readers and has been accused on many occasions, that she’s caused them to burn too much of the midnight oil devouring every last word before dawn. If this were the case with you, she sends her apology (but is indeed quite ecstatic).


Hi readers!

As an author, there is nothing I find more exhilarating than encountering those remarkable moments when what I thought was “my story “develops, much like a child, and becomes a story of its own. Boldly tugging me along, luring me to chase after startling discoveries and uncovering rightful identities of yearning characters.

As a person, there is nothing I find more exhilarating than living in the actual moment and experiencing life all around and within me. I believe a good author knows how to write, but a great storyteller knows how to live.
Chancing Hope (Romantic Suspense) - Book Review Published June 2018

"This author is a MAGNIFICENTLY gifted story teller! This book was hard to put down and so I didn't! I used all of my spare time to immerse myself in the story and that was simply done because of the way this author used her flair with words to pull me in! I loved the symbolism with the animals and the people. It was not lost on me. The book is filled with descriptions of characters that were so real that I imagine I knew them. And believe me...the antagonist is not someone I WANT to know...AT ALL! The story is compelling and I actually found myself scooching to the edge of my seat more than once as I read on and on. At LEAST I didn't scream at the characters, out loud that is. I do wonder if there will be a sequel or even a movie script for this book. I'll follow her story telling career to find out!"

Review by Kathy C.
Holder of The Horses (Sweet Romance) - Book Review Published July 2019

"BEAUTIFUL The way this author has written these characters makes you feel like you are experiencing exactly what they are going through. I felt their sorrow and pain and cried right along with them. I never really knew how much it took to manage a ranch or the heartaches it could have but this book shows you just how hard and rewarding it is. This book also shows you about following your dreams, unconditional love, and what a family should be. I will always think of this story and smile when I see an eagle. Thank you for such a beautiful story."

Review by JR
For The Garden (Thriller / Mystery) NEW RELEASE Published May 2020

Years ago, the unimaginable murder of eleven-year-old Samuella Rose left Sarina Rose, her twin sister, in a downward spiral and plagued by nightmares. Fifteen years later - the case still wide open - the only way she has managed to keep her head above water is due to her attractive massage therapist, Duane Whitson, who she battles to keep at a distance, and Clyde Small, the detective who has never given up on combing every lead in search for justice. However, it’s her unlikely roommate, Becky Bracken, that introduces her to dream interpretation. But that’s not where the interpretation stops.

A cold shiver covered Becky’s arms and legs with goosebumps. This was beyond superstition or hoaxes. This was actually happening. Graver still, she suspected, Sarina had no idea.

Could Samuella really be communicating over the gap of death, beseeching for justice? Or is Sarina losing her grip on reality? Either way, finding the killer was worth the risk, but if she succeeded would anyone believe her?

What did she have to lose? Just her sanity. Maybe her life.
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Author Lisa Slater
Publish Date 26, Jun 2018
Language English
Page Count 373