A Flock of Fun
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A Flock of Fun

by Raven Howell Publish: Jan 14, 2020Children's
      • Raven Howell Raven Howell 4 months ago
      • I was so fortunate that my editor knew how to pair the text of the story we had with the appropriate illustrator. I couldn't have asked for a more befitting cover and interior illustrations. David Barrow captured the "cute" and the "mischief" these sheep get into! I think his images are just what the toddler or kindergartener would find entertaining and fun. And my feeling is that little hands will be grabbing the pages and turning them again and again to giggle at the shenanigans depicted via the storyline.
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Raven Howell
Raven HowellUnited States4 Books
Teen & Young Adult Children's Poetry

I’m the author and poet of several children’s books such as the Mom's Choice Award winning My Community, Shimmer/Songs of Night, and the kids' poetry collection for the autism community, Dozy Poems/Cozy Days.

For the past 25 years I've also been writing poetry for a variety of magazines such as Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Bumples, Fun for Kidz, Cricket, Spider, Jack and Jill, Babybug, Hello Highlights, and High Five.

I’ve received awards for poetry from several organizations including the SCBWI, and enjoy presenting children’s workshops in libraries and to classrooms. I'm the Creative and Publishing Advisor with RedClover Reader, and live in the Northeast.

My time spent writing, and doodling in artwork are my favorite. My family rules and I'll spend any time available with them, enjoying warm, sunny days at the beach or snuggling during wood-stove stoked winter hours.

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Book Detail
Title A Flock of Fun
Author Raven Howell
ASIN 1733717080
Publish Date 14, Jan 2020
Publisher Doodle and Peck Publishing
Language English
Page Count 34
Cover Design David Barrow, illustrator