Alethria: The Fractured One
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Alethria: The Fractured One

by Mr. Timothy Patrick Carnahan Publish: May 18, 2020Series: AlethriaAction & Adventure Fantasy Teen & Young Adult
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Who am I? I ask myself this question daily, but summed up briefly, I'm a million personas rolled up into a mess that I am sorting through daily.

I love reading all genres of books, but my heart rests with Science Fiction and Fantasy. One can imagine limitless possibilities and, through the written word, share and offer endless experiences within a myriad of lifetimes. Due to this philosophy, I also hope to offer something greater to the world outside the spectrum of our known realities.


"Who am I? I'm a human with a past filled with pain and an uncertain future. Some would say I'm the kindest person they've ever known while others would claim I am the worst evil this planet has to offer. I live my life under the pretense that I will find love and pursue happiness all the days of my life, but that is a story that is yet to be written." - Timothy Carnahan

"Working through certain forms of confusion is painful at best, but everything happens for a reason, even if we don't understand." - Timothy Carnahan

"I've been prideful, difficult, and egotistical at times, but I seek to harm no-one. It is not within my nature." - Timothy Carnahan

"Some days one wonders if there's a point, a grand scheme, or a purpose. To some, even the best you have isn't enough." - Timothy Carnahan

"I do understand waiting for death. I've done things that have put me close, but never quite over into the blackness. I guess the lack of fear of what awaits has its connotations, but every step is a journey towards whatever inevitability that will be. This is the truth of all things so, why not embrace it?" - Timothy Carnahan

"Much like a Picasso, one's life is a work seldom recognized or appreciated until the artist is gone." - Timothy Carnahan

"I believe everyone has some question that drives them. If we understand that question, we come closer to understanding the person." - Timothy Carnahan

"The value of life is measured in-depth, not length. A few short years of consequence far outweigh a lifetime of indifference." - Timothy Carnahan

"One's heart can lift with joy and be submerged in hurt at the same time. This is the wonderful conundrum of being human." - Timothy Carnahan

"The feelings that once broke a heart are sometimes the ones needed to see it mended." - Timothy Carnahan

"We can't retract the decisions we've made, we can only affect the decisions we're going to make." - Timothy Carnahan

"One drowns, not by falling into the river, but by allowing oneself to be submerged and engulfed by it." - Timothy Carnahan

"Hold onto the smallest moments, remember the greatest loves, and appreciate the worst pains. From these pieces we become whole." - Timothy Carnahan

"Although the purpose is what we all strive for, sometimes the greatest victory we have is simply getting through another day." - Timothy Carnahan

"Fantasy is said to be the art of making the impossible seem probable. Still, much of history's fantasy is today's reality." - Timothy Carnahan

"Secrets of the heart tend to be heavier than a lodestone and can make blood flow easier than ink." - Timothy Carnahan

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Title Alethria: The Fractured One
Series Alethria
Author Mr. Timothy Patrick Carnahan
Publish Date 18, May 2020
Language English
Page Count 40