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by Nathan Marekera Publish: Aug 12, 2020Series: STRUGGLE FOR SUPREMACYHistorical Mysteries Thrillers Suspense Action & Adventure Historical Romance Erotic Romance Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Fantasy



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Historical Mysteries Thrillers Suspense Action & Adventure Historical Romance Erotic Romance Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Fantasy more»

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Nathan grew up a competent history and literature student. In both primary and high school he won best literature and history student awards. He loves to express his love for history and literature through fantasy and alternative history stories. Nathan aspires to become the best alternative history and fantasy story teller.
After aspiring failing to pursue countless careers; becoming a medical doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, and even an artist, he decided to confide in his father his frustration and lack of direction. His dad assured him God himself has a purpose for each and everyone of us. Nathan had been down in the gutters, but that reassurance motivated him. His dad (Chester) encouraged him to follow his heart and passions. Chester himself aspired to be an author as a kid, writing his first novel in 5th grade. Unfortunately, his teacher stole his work and he was frustrated and abandoned his dream.
Nathan had been through an array of part time jobs, and decided it was time for him to quit at a certain plastic factory he was working at. The time had come to create his own legacy, to make a difference. He had to fulfill the journey his dad had begun. And after reflecting on his passions ever since infancy, Nathan decided to write his first historical fantasy novel. His dad always narrated to him and his older brother Courage his personal life growing up. This is when Nathan's passion for past events was born.
Nathan had always been a bookworm from a tender age. He would read almost literally anything he could find in the house, mostly his mom Margaret's Christian books (she is an evangelist at Campus Crusade for Christ).
However, peer pressure and bad influence almost made this gifted youngster lose his cause. Friends and classmates always mocked him for being a quiet kid. He became involved in bad vices like underage alcoholism in high school, trying to fit in with the cool kids and trends. This led to bad grades and his mom threatened to send him off to the roots. This pushed Nathan and he decided to put extra effort and managed to pass in his final high school examinations. Nathan made his mom proud, and discovered history was his favorite and best subject. It was the only discipline he managed to get an A grade in. Having been a bright student from primary school, Nathan always passed with high grades, almost getting the highest grades in all the subjects. This peculiar performance assured him of his talents in history narration, hence, leading to Struggle for Supremacy.
However, the essence of the idea for the story for Nathan has been: love. Yes, Nathan was inspired by a girl he once dated to pen down Struggle for Supremacy. She was the first love of his life. Coming from a prominent family, this particular girl chose to date a broke guy from her neighbourhood, and this has always baffled the young mind.
So, Nathan decided to combine his love for history, and his own past love life, and wove a brilliant ancient African story. The story about the princess who had the nerves to reject princes, abandoning the social norms of marriage arrangements, and pursuing true love.

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Nathan Marekera rated a book it was amazing
2 months ago
Struggle for Supremacy by Nathan Marekera
Struggle for Supremacy: Volume 1
by Nathan Marekera
First of all, this is an African story about the Bantu people, which has great suspense and intrigue. The setting of the Bantu region, 3 kingdoms and 3 chiefdoms, intertwines into a piece of genious story.
There are 3 main villains; the 3 witches, the cunning royal wives, and the anonymous red monsters, all struggling to rise up the ladder.
The rivalry of two states adds to the heat.
But a princess is caught in between the middle, and has to choose between marrying a prince she didn't want, thereby securing an ally for her father, or pursuing true love.
This historical romance and fantasy thriller is sure to take you on a truly mesmerising journey.
There is great dialogue, tense moments, great description, live action, and a story cleverly plotted.
One can never guess whats next in this page turner.
Book Detail
Author Nathan Marekera
Publish Date 12, Aug 2020
Publisher Self-published
Language English
Page Count 248