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  • A. C. Burch

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Last Chance

by: A. C. Burch

When a gay detective starts to fall for his prime suspect, his world falls apart. There's no one in his corner but the person he suspects most. Is multi-millionaire Vaughn Kreisler dead or lost at sea? What was Amanda Mulher doing on Kreisler’s yacht when he disappeared? Why can’t Detective Paul Beston find any trace of Amanda outside the Caribbean? And why would a gay man fall for her—especially if she’s his prime suspect? Described by Book Viral as a “Seductive, twisted and highly engrossing,” “Last Chance” explores the psychology of identity, the power of desire—and the mechanics of revenge.

Category: Thrillers, LGBT

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Meet the Author
A. C. Burch Crime Fiction, Mysteries, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, LGBT

A. C. Burch is a musician who found his way to writing after doing (too much) time in technology and university administration. Burch’s characters are primarily LGBTQ and often face "make or break" moments in their lives. His first novel, The HomePort Journals, was the story of a family that...

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