Enchanted Waters: A Magical Collection of Short Stories
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Enchanted Waters: A Magical Collection of Short Stories

by Alice Ivinya Publish: Jul 16, 2021
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Romance Fantasy

I am an award-winning and USA Today Bestselling South African author, social anthropologist, and transformational life coach now living in Sweden. I am happily married and we have two children.

I started writing my first novel at age 12 and kept writing throughout my teens. In my twenties, I began doubting myself and the idea of publishing my writing. After battling my demons, I came to the conclusion in 2019 that I should just go ahead and publish some of the books I'd already written. I haven't looked back!

Elisabeth and Edvard's World is my first series, starting with the two-part Siblings' Tale series and since November 2019 including the prequel Gisela's Passion. These are all fairy tale retellings set in my fantasy universe "the kingdom of Vendale".

I am currently working on a sci-fi/fantasy cross-over. The Wishmaster series and am continuing with my fairy tales retelling series Elisabeth and Edvard's World. Forthcoming titles are:
Wishmaster series: Finding the Way, Becoming Spellwright, Master Wordmage
in the spinoff series, The Wordmage's Tales: The Companion's Tale, The Sewing Princess, The Artist and His Muse, The Last Warrior.

In Elisabeth and Edvard's World:
Naiya's Wish, The Lion, the Lark and the Lady, Firmament, Down the Well, Johara's Choice.

When I'm not writing or working on my day job, I enjoy reading, doing embroidery, playing with my children, playing the violin or just taking a tranquil walk in the Swedish countryside.

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Book Detail
Title Enchanted Waters: A Magical Collection of Short Stories
Author Alice Ivinya, Astrid V.J., Jennifer Kropf, Lyndsey Hall, N.D.T Casale, Ben Lang
Publish Date 16, Jul 2021
Language English