Blood Before Dawn (The Dung Beetles of Liberia series Book 2)
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Blood Before Dawn (The Dung Beetles of Liberia series Book 2)

by Daniel V. Meier Jr. Publish: Dec 01, 2021Series: Book 2 in Dung Beetles of Liberia SeriesHistorical Fiction
    • Daniel V. Meier, Jr. Daniel V. Meier, Jr. 8 months ago
    • 1. While describing the once beautiful country and a kind and generous people, Meier intertwines terrifying tales of the atrocities
      committed that account for the future pain of an entire nation. Does he succeed in illustrating the tragedy of Liberia?

      2. Ken and Sam are returning to Liberia to buy cut-rate rough diamonds to smuggle into the U.S.
      a. Does the fact that this is illegal give them pause?
      b. Does it occur to anyone in Liberia that this might be unethical?
      c. Ken has several ‘moral’ decisions to make throughout the book. How does this help underline the ethical environment in Liberia?

      3. Would you define the Americo-Liberian government as an Oligarchy? Why?
      a. Why did the Americo-Liberians, well-educated as they were, not see a Coup d’État coming?
      b. Did the Americos think that they could continue repressing the country people for the foreseeable future?

      4. What other countries in history have suffered a similar fate, i.e. the overthrow of an oligarchical regime?
      a. What countries emerged the better after a revolution.
      b. After reading about the Sgt Doe’s coup, what chance do you give Liberia in becoming a democratic and prosperous nation?

      5. While many details of the actual Coup d’État are unknown, the CIA plays a significant role in this book. Is that believable?
      a. Did the U.S. have a vested interest in overthrowing the Talbert Regime. Why?

      6. Piers Davis is introduced to the reader as an educated, thoughtful Americo-Liberian.
      a. Does she understand the actual plight of the indigenous Liberian?
      b. oes she understand the difference between race relations in America and race relations in Liberia?
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Book 2 in Dung Beetles of Liberia Series complete series

Historical Fiction

Daniel Meier graduated from UNCW (University of North Carolina, Wilmington) with a major in History. He served in the United States Navy and later studied American Literature at The University of Maryland Graduate School and began writing.

Meanwhile, he taught English and History at a private high school for a couple of years, worked as a flight instructor and a pilot examiner for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).
In 1980, Leisure Books published a mystery/ thriller that he wrote under the ‘nom de plume’ Vince Daniels. In addition, he published a short story in a college literary magazine and worked, briefly, for the Washington Business Journal as a journalist. He was also a contributing editor to several aviation magazines and worked as a technical writer/editor for a U.S. government contractor.

For the past two decades he has served the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector for flight operations working mostly out of the Washington D.C. headquarters. He is now retired...

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Book Detail
Title Blood Before Dawn (The Dung Beetles of Liberia series Book 2)
Series Book 2 in Dung Beetles of Liberia Series
Author Daniel V. Meier Jr.
Publish Date 01, Dec 2021
Publisher Boutique of Quality Books (BQB Publishing
Language English
Page Count 250